Managing corporate travel in the post pandemic times has become a crucial responsibility for companies. Corporate Travel Management becomes streamlined once you consider few important aspects of it and plan your steps accordingly because it plays a vital role in expanding business domestically and globally. It is important to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, partners and associates across your regional borders and that is the reason you need to manage it efficiently and in advance.
Managing corporate travel is a decisive task altogether as it requires sufficient planning and timed execution. To assist on the entire process, we have created a comprehensive guide on “How to manage Corporate Travel in 2023”. Our travel experts have listed Top 8 effective tips and strategies to manage your Corporate Travel program.

Create a Travel Policy:

A powerful travel policy includes the guidelines on booking procedures, approval management, preferred airlines and hotels, travel budget, safety and wellbeing of the employees and reimbursement policies. It will provide a clarity to all the travelers / employees, enabling them to make informed decisions while maintaining the company's budget. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we have prepared a well-designed plan on creating a Corporate Travel Policy. Click here to know more.

Take Help of Technology:

Technology is making lives easy and simple, and it is having a bigger impact on travel. With latest technology you can update your travelers with latest status of your destination, any possible disruption like attack or pandemic outbreak, sudden climate change, cancellation of flights and managing booking process effectively. Reputed corporate travel management companies offer the facility of mobile apps that offer real-time information to the travelers who can plan and manage any last-minute changes to the itinerary.

Benefits of Online Booking Tool reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Consider an Online Booking Tool:
Getting associated with an online booking tool will significantly organize your corporate travel management. An online booking tool will feature better deals in air fares, hotel accommodations and offer anytime booking facility, easy approval system, single payment solution and generate customized reports with detailed analytics. The tool will also offer easy integration with travel policy and GST for better management. In short, the online booking tool will offer your travelers a wide variety of options to choose from, thereby managing travel arrangements and providing cost-effective solutions for your organization. To know more on the efficient Corporate Booking Tool of Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, click here.

24/7 Call Center support for business and leisure travelers offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals


24/7 Support:

Round the clock support is one of the essential factors to consider because travel disruptions and emergencies can happen at any time. Hence your employees need to have access to 24/7 call center services and get support in any unprecedented situation. These services are mostly offered by professional Travel Management Companies, and it is important you collaborate with one to keep your employees safe during travel, regardless of time zone or location. Know more on 24/7 support offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals.

Duty of Care:
This must be the top priority among all the factors as you need to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees during their travel. A comprehensive duty of care program keeps your employees protected as it includes pre-trip information, on-trip alerts, travel insurance coverage, fulfillment of travel documentation, and emergency protocols. This program will mitigate risks if integrated with risk management software which will constantly monitor the traveler and update in case of any disruption. Read more on “How to Manage Business Travel Risks”.

Travel data and analytics offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Reports & Analytics:

You need to keep a provision for data and analytics in your corporate travel program. Business intelligence reports can provide you accurate data based on which you can revise your corporate travel program and budget. Most importantly, with an effective data management system you can get intel on travel trends, booking frequencies, expenses occurred and scope of development. It offers a huge opportunity on cost savings which in turn helps you to rethink and make amendments in your corporate travel program.

Bleisure trips arranged by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals


Mix Fun with Business:
While corporate travel is targeted to fulfillment of business goals, it is equally important to maintain a relaxed mind during travel. In recent times companies are engaging their travelers in exploring the destination, involving them in fun filled activities, experiencing local culture, cuisines and much more. After a busy working day, a slight change in itinerary can uplift the mood, bring happiness, and increase employee satisfaction fostering stronger relationships among team members especially in group corporate travel.

Hire a Travel Management Company:
If you wish to avail all the above services, then you must consider partnering with an experienced Travel Management Company and enhance your corporate travel management capabilities. A Travel Management Company will offer expert advice, industry experience, and access to a wide range of travel resources that will make your travel program better and seamless. An expert travel management company can reduce the burden of the huge task of travel management and provide tailor made services based on your organization's needs.

The key takeaways of this topic are that nature of travel has changed in 2023 in comparison to the travel used to occur 2-3 years back largely due to the humongous effect of pandemic situation. With uprising demand of corporate travel day by day and frequent occurrence of trade fairs, MICE events and corporate meetings in both domestic and international level, it is now a necessity to have an effective and efficient corporate travel program. Ensuring safety of the travelers and timely information are the topmost priorities of any corporate travel program. Corporate need to be alert, ready and flexible while embracing a new or revising a corporate travel program for their companies.

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