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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +91 33 / 40000777
+91 33 / 40000778

161 Lenin Sarani,
700013 Kolkata

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  • All guests must mandatorily download Aarogya Setu mobile application
  • Do not step out of the room unnecessarily
  • Wear a mask whenever outside the room
  • Keep the doors closed and avoid any contact with the doorknobs
  • Always keep a safe distance as per social distancing norms
  • Wash your hands frequently with the soaps/sanitizers provided
  • Put all disposable plates /cups/ bottles after use in the garbage bag\
  • Guests should not visit containment zone
  • Ensure check-in formalities are completed in contactless manner (QR code/online forms) to reduce contact and time at the front desk
  • Guests must be requested to maintain a queue with 6 feet distance between them. Standing space signs will be placed on the floor to maintain social distancing
  • Guest details to be sent in advance for guest registration along with government approved identity card, any other information required by the hotel via Email/Whats App
  • Guests should be briefed about the Do’s & Don’ts while at the hotel
  • Luggage should be disinfected before sending the luggage to room
  • Guests should inform at reception using intercom or personal mobile, an hour before the check-out
  • Payments should be made online or via an online platform with cashless transactions only