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Information On Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Current Information Regarding The Outbreak Of COVID-19

The press news regarding the current outbreak of the COVID-19 disease are making tourists worldwide feel unsure. Every day there are updates related to outbreaks and it seems difficult to keep track of the situation. But that is exactly where we want to step in with our page.
We as your Lufthansa City Center travel agency are connected to a global crisis management, which will be updated on a minuteby-minute basis. We will give you the most important information and links on this page in order to ensure that you can plan your next holidays safely. Our staff will support you with all questions you might have referring to safety while travelling. Please make use of our up-to-date knowledge for your next travel planning.

Supportive information on the situation of COVID-19

There is a lot of literature and information available on the web which might be useful. We have tried to identify the high quality links in order to give you a good overview about the crisis situation: