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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +91 33 / 40000777
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161 Lenin Sarani,
700013 Kolkata

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We understand the strategic potential of technology and integrate it into a range of actives we carry out in order to maximize our business partners’ benefits. Resourceful IT has advanced our business goals strongly and has enabled us to work seamlessly and integrate a range of processes.

LCC Global Travel offers its clients cutting-edge technology combined with innovative processes. We respect that every industry has a unique set of dynamics, regulations and opportunities to manage. Strong relationships between our IT portfolio and fellow procedures are critical to success. It is all about well designed, secure and robust technology in combination with properly executed, constantly reviewed and effective procedures.

Few of technologies we utilize are...

  • Travel Portal
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Profile Management Tools
  • Quality Analytics
  • Feedback Management
  • Global Fares
  • Global Reporting
  • Expense Management

And many more...