Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals invites independent and experienced travel professionals with special interest in growing their business in the travel industry. We will provide unique business opportunities to people who are ready to build their own network under an international travel brand and create an impact in the market. With our advanced travel technology and seamless booking solutions you can provide faster and better services to your clients. If you already have an established network of travel agencies then you can simply work from your home and grow your B2B travel network easily.

Responsibilities of B2B Sales Co-Ordinator:
  • Develop an extensive B2B Channel network
  • Enhance sales from Travel Agencies
  • Develop and manage B2B Distributor network
  • Acquire profitable new clients using effective sales and marketing techniques
  • Develop business with existing and new client relations
  • Report on sales activities
  • Provide relevant market information
  • Maintaining business target roster and meeting minimum sales quotas to cater to our growth projections
  • Assist in marketing / surveys / events and social media activities
  • Provide Pre-Sales support
  • Recommend new business opportunities
  • Assist with Sales Strategy
  • Well versed with various Online Travel Agents

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