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How to Manage Corporate Travel: A 2023 Guide

Corporate Travel Management becomes streamlined once you consider few important aspects of it and plan your steps accordingly because it plays a vital role in expanding business domestically and globally. To assist on the entire process, we have created a comprehensive guide on “How to manage Corporate Travel in 2023”. 

9 Reasons Why You Need Business Travel Insurance analysed by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
Top 9 Benefits of Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance is not only a necessity but also mandatory in few international destinations now. Because you never know that you may experience a panic situation on your travel.  That's where this the tool will cover the travelers and protect them.

North India tours and packages by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
Top 7 Tourist Places of North India

The beautiful North India has been drawing crowds from across the world due to its magnificent natural landscape blended with unique cultural diversity, lifestyle and lip-smacking cuisines. Our travel experts have listed the top tourist spots that you just cannot avoid.

Key Advantages of Incentive Travel

With our strong capability and better supplier resources, we have been taking care of incentive travel for our reputed clients across India and abroad since years. Our team of travel experts can get you better deals and assist in cost savings for your incentive travel and other M.I.C.E travels.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings
Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings in Business Travel

Studies have shown that face-to-face meetings have always yielded better results than virtual ones. The advantages of face-to-face meetings are multifarious resulting to better business growth and retention of corporate relations. Now the pandemic graph is low, these meetings are back in full swing and slowly getting popular among SMEs as well.

Business Travel Trends and Forecast
2023 Business Travel Forecast: Expected Changes and Trends

Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals is presenting an exhaustive report that highlights the key changes of travel and the travel trends that are going to be prevailing this year. As a business traveler it is better to get updated in advance in order to include them in your travel plan.

10 Best Places in India to Visit in Winter 2022

Winter in India is a wonderful time to visit the nation due to its pleasant weather, serene climatic conditions and breath- taking views. This time of the year always presents a whole new angle to the visiting tourists. We bring you the list of top 10 places of India that cover beautiful hill stations, green forests and long coastal beaches that you can explore during winter.

Business Travel takes off in 1st quarter'22
Business Travel Takes Off in 1st Quarter of 2022

After a long pause Business Travel in India is back to its own form. Reports have revealed exciting statistics of India Business Travel as it has brought good relief to various travel industry segments. 

Unmanaged Travel: Challenges & Solutions of SME

As an SME what you need, is a little bit of support in the field of technology so that you can access better deals in fares, save your costs and have freedom to do it all by yourself.

Advantages of Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Our Corporate Travel Booking Tool is equipped with advanced technology that enables self booking capacity to the travelers. You can experience from special discounted fares and easy cancellation to simple approval system and payment solution. At LCC Travels & Rentals we provide dedicated guidance to the SMEs for registration and booking process.

Latest guidelines for international arrivals

The guidelines of international arrivals have experienced frequent changes quite a few times now due to the transforming scenario of Covid situation worldwide. Although the global graph is on a decline mode but the regional variations in few countries continue to remain in focus. The new variant of SARS-CoV-2 is presently a point of concern as expressed by the World Health Organization.

Sustainable Travel: Lufthansa, Google & Amadeus making impacts

Sustainable travel is going to be the next popular keyword in travel industry as the awareness towards greener nature and reduction of CO2 emissions is taking place fast.

The comeback of business travel 2022

The coming times will surely going to see a rise in travel specially Business trips and Corporate tours. Various reports from international and domestic sources have confirmed that this year will be a favourable time for business travel.

The rise of contactless travel

The post pandemic situation is seeing a rising demand of contactless travel across the world. Airports, airlines, hotels and cars are taking interesting measures to keep their customers safe.

This is the right time to travel within India

Travellers who have contained themselves so far, and have exploring India in their bucket list, can now start planning their tours. The article talks about why this is the perfect time to press the travel accelerator.

Documents for international travel in present times

Situations have improved now with various international borders are opening up gradually. The travel restrictions, guidelines and requirements for documents are changing with every passing day. Click the below link to understand what you need to travel now.

Getting back to business travel for face to face meetings

A recent report by Forbes reveals that in-person persuasiveness is 34 times more effective as compared to other forms of meetings. A face-to-face event facilitates interactions so that attendees can have a favourable business outcome and companies are choosing exactly the same. Click the button to know how.

Opportunities of MICE in India

With big convention centers in major cities of India and numerous conference venues almost in every city, India stands tall as one of the prominent MICE destinations in Asia Pacific. What more is you will get exactly the same international standard within your planned budget. Click the below link to know some of the fabulous destinations and their capacities.

Why 24 X 7 service is so important in travel?

Corporate houses should look at employing global standard service partners who will offer 24 X 7 service that blends technology with superior customer support. The reason being the travel advisories are constantly changing and you need an expert to guide you at every step. Moreover there are many other essentials of travel where you would certainly need an assistance. Click below to know them.

Managing business travel risks in post pandemic situation

One of the many points of concern for you and your employees when travelling has more or less revived in many countries across the world. You need updates, latest information and most of all an experienced travel management company to deal with business travel risks in present scenario. Click below to know how to tackle business travel risks now.

Low risk of virus in air travel

Fascinating reports had came from the joint publication by top plane makers that latest technologies and top class methodologies are being adopted in their aircrafts. Implementation of aircraft airflow systems, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, etc. have reduced the chances of spreading of virus. To read the detailed report, click the button below.

How to design a corporate travel policy ?

Travelling has witnessed a rise in recent times as relaxations have been declared for both domestic and international destinations. With safe air travel and travel guidelines in position, travelers around the world have regained their confidence to resume their daily routine. Our travel experts have listed down the essentials that you need now to unlock your travel bag. Click here to know them.

Top 7 reasons why you need Travel Management Company in crisis

A Travel Management Company (TMC) understands business travel programs and leisure travel itineraries better. In crisis situations and beyond, an experienced TMC will guide you through various restrictions that are now prevalent in many countries. Find out simple 7 reasons why you need an expert assistance.

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