Independent travel booking

What is SME Travel?

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Travel account for a significant portion of business travel throughout the year. Unlike large corporates, this sector's travel is mostly independent. The travels are managed through online Corporate Booking Tool that offers freedom to book flights and hotels at special discounted fares. The Corporate Booking Tool also presents additional features of profile management, easy amendments, minimum cancellation penalty, corporate payment solution, easy trip management and a whole bunch of benefits completely dedicated to the travelers. 

With LCC Travels & Rentals you can also avail our offline travel support that comprises of travel guidelines, entry and exit rules of various destinations, travel documentation, 24X7 emergency services and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Will I get special fares if I register as an SME ?

A: Our Corporate Booking Tool helps you to get access to special fares and provides multiple choices.

2. How do I set a budget for my employee's travel?

A: A budget can be set on various parameters depending on the role and significance of your employee's travel. But before that, you need to set your Travel Policy.

3. Is it possible to take a demo before I enrol to this travel management program ?

A: Absolutely! Our travel experts will explain the entire process and address your queries.

4. Can I access the travel expenditures after specific intervals?

A: Certainly! Our report system provides detailed analysis and insights that enables you to make better decisions.

5.Are 24X7 emergency services chargeable or they come within the plan?
A: 24X7 emergency support is a specialized service and it requires dedicated travel professionals round-the-clock to provide better guidance. It's an offline support.