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We have been offering business travel management services to our clients with next level travel solutions and fast track services since decades. Being part of a prestigious international travel agency network, it becomes easy for us to manage your business travel and reach out with business travel management services anywhere in the world. That’s how we stand apart as a trusted business travel management company of India.

With the support of our experienced travel experts, you can now relax and remain stress free as your employees will travel safely and comfortably. We design comprehensive business travel solutions to all sorts of businesses and make a lot of cost savings through better planning. Our business travel solutions are data driven as we rely on advanced tools and technologies to deliver accurate information to the business travellers. With us, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits of Our Business Travel Management Services

  1. Tailor-made service
    Depending on your travel we will offer tailor made services for better experience. From flight reservations, hotel booking to ground transportation we will deliver exactly that suits to your business travel.

  2. Duty Of Care
    Our travel programs prioritize safety and comfort of your employees. With our updated information system and latest tools, you can make better travel decisions.

  3. Travel Policy Compliance
    We will assist in making a travel policy that meets your company guidelines and business objectives. It will offer better clarity on your employees' travel.

  4. Cost Savings
    With better supplier deals from us you can make a lot of cost savings at the end of travel and strategize your travel programs better. Our variety of options and numerous travel itineraries offer cost effective travel.

  5. MIS Reports 
    To make a better business travel program you need to have proper insights on your past and on-going travel. Our MIS reports offer in-depth analysis over travel spend and scopes to save cost.

business travel solutions offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals


for your travel issues


With us you will find a perfect blend of value-added solutions and tech solutions that will not only cover all your travel issues but will also provide you insights & security with analytics, duty of care, NDC fares, online booking tool, payment solutions, profile management and other essential & updated travel information.

business travel management services offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals


all that you need for travel


You will need vital services and support from the moment you decide on your travel. It is necessary that you keep essential information on hand and plan accordingly. And that’s where we offer you a bouquet of services for your pre and post trip including travel planning, account management, visa & passport, and MIS reporting. 

Featured Services

All you need for a corporate travel is well timed information, crucial support during trips, emergency alerts, faster implementation and round the clock service. We offer worldwide business travel management services to our corporate clients and that’s why we have introduced Asia Pacific (APAC) & Middle East & Africa (MEA) Hub services along with 24 X 7 service and VIP services in order to support our domestic and international corporate clients.

MiCE Tours

Your search for MiCE Tours ends here. With the support of our global travel agency network, we can organize a business conference, incentive tour, meeting or an event at your favourite hotels or preferred destinations. Being a leading MiCE expert of India, we have a huge supplier contact base with best of the corporate travel packages and massive scope for money savings.

FAQs on Business Travel Management Services

What is important when organizing business travel?

When we organize business travel, we put top priorities on latest travel information, comfortable travel and safety of the business travelers. Lot of factors taken together make a successful business travel management program. These are -

  • Strong supplier relations
  • Expertise in corporate account management
  • Seamless travel planning
  • Easy travel booking platform
  • 24 X 7 emergency travel service
  • Accurate documentation process and
  • In-depth analysis and reports

What are the benefits of business travel management services?

The benefits of business travel management services are multifarious. An expert business travel management company like us will always facilitate with prompt services and news on destinations and travel. With our experience we can offer alternate options of your travel route and plan. More than that we offer the followings for better travel experience.

  • Better fares and special deals
  • Choice of airlines, hotels and road transport
  • Cost savings
  • Round the clock travel support
  • Guidance on travel plan with travel policy compliance

What are business travel risks?

Business travel risks can be defined as unforeseen circumstances that a business traveler experiences in travel. The travel risks may be categorized in several ways as follows.


  • Loss of travel documents – One of the common risks is misplacing the travel documents or getting stolen. This can lead to unnecessary delay and lot of stress in your business travel.

  • Abrupt changes in travel – Your travel plan may change suddenly which can lead to early departure, sustained stay in the destination and/or relocation. This can impact on your travel budget, documentation process and other allied activities.

  • Disruption in destination – There can be a sudden pandemic outbreak, roadblock or a terrorist attack in the region which may lead to lot of confusion and delay.

  • Health issues – There is a high chance that your business traveler may fall sick due to climate and weather change, food, accident or any other issues in the destination. It is better to have a contingency plan ready.


  • Local laws – Business travelers must have a clear knowledge and understanding of the local laws of the destination they are travelling to. There can be hundreds of stuffs that are forbidden in that destination, and you may land into a big trouble while doing them.

The best way to tackle all the above issues is to contact your travel management company who will guide you with all the necessary steps that you need to perform to overcome the situation. That’s the reason it is highly essential to choose a travel management company that has a 24-hour-emergency service.

What is travel management process?

In simple words, corporate travel management is a process of strategizing end-to-end travel plan in a cost-effective manner supported by travel analytics and data.

How does corporate travel management work?

Corporate travel management works in a systematic manner. It combines the activities of travel booking with special rates, travel policy adherence and supporting the business travelers with Duty of Care facilities.

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