A sustainable approach.

Why CSR Is So Important


As a corporate house it is our top priority to care for our workforce and our surrounding environment. Being one of the most reputed international brands in travel industry in India, we constantly endeavour in creating a perfect harmony between our ecology and us. And that’s why we keep working on various sustainable CSR projects in Kolkata, West Bengal and raise awareness among our employees, customers, and partners.

Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals plays an active role in social initiatives from nurturing talents, saving sparrows, and developing the less privileged community of our society. As a business organisation we strongly believe that it is our duty to reach out to the vulnerable and marginalised groups with an aim to empower them with various social services and CSR projects.

Our Biggest Asset: Our Workforce

At LCC Travels & Rentals we value our workforce more than anything as we believe our employees are the pillars of our organization. Apart from nourishing talents we constantly develop our personnel by offering them new scopes and opportunities. In addition to that, our well-crafted training programs are aimed to deliver value to our people by ensuring growth in their respective domains.

Save Sparrow

caring for ecology 


For centuries, sparrows have been our constant social companion hopping around our home. They need our help, food, and shelter. With constant support over the years, we are making difference and saving sparrows from complete extinction.

Sustainable Projects

improving life


For the last few years we have engaged with orphanages and old age homes of Kolkata where we spend time during Christmas to share happiness. We also engage with street children every year through dedicated social activities.