As a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) it is often a point of concern whether you need a Travel Management Company (TMC) to take care of your travel or let the travel stay unmanaged the way it used to be. We say, considering your travel volumes, you are just doing fine. What you need, is a little bit of support in the field of technology so that you can access better deals in fares, save your costs and have freedom to do it all by yourself.

However, by also being unmanaged, we understand the frequent challenges you face in your travel segment, and you need to overcome them fast. So, let’s look at those one at a time and find suitable solutions.

Challenges of Unmanaged Business Travel:

  • Your time is more spent in comparing fares from different sites as you decide on the best option available to book your travel.
  • Most of the time you do not find best rates because you are booking from a B2C Travel Booking Tool which is targeted to retail customers and does not allow special fares to SMEs.
  • You receive multiple invoices from various suppliers, viz. Airlines, Hotels, Cars etc. and often it becomes complicated to manage.
  • You face a limitation in deciding travel budget for each of your employees and managing them seamlessly as it piles up to produce chaotic figures at the end of the year.
  • Lack of latest updates on travel guidelines and fast changing information lands you up in unwanted situations.
  • There is always a limited centralized facility to track employees while on travel. And that results in rise of travel costs.
  • It is hard to find emergency support in case of unprecedented situations during travel.

Solutions to Unmanaged Travel:

  • Our Self-Booking Tool dedicated to SMEs allows an omnichannel presence with a convenient user-friendly interface.
  • You will get a fast & easy signup process for your employees with no volume barriers and a single-click approval system.
  • You will enjoy automated profile management with minimum number of fields including payment set up, travel policy setting and many more.
  • Our Travel Booking Tool allows independent booking providing lot of competitive choices to the travelers.
  • Experience better supplier deals and special fares to help you reduce costs and optimize savings.
  • Our central invoicing system allows you to generate invoices easily for your employee’s travel.
  • You will be able to download reports for a specified time, make proper analysis and plan for upcoming travel.
  • 24X7 emergency support from a trusted organization to guide you for better travel management

By using a Self-Booking Tool, you will be able to unveil an array of opportunities that you have been not experiencing so far. It will ease your travel hassles and simplify travel bookings by providing better guidance and options. At LCC Travels & Rentals our state-of-the-art Online Booking Tool provides multifarious online options with offline support you may wish to avail from us.

Advantages of a Self Booking Tool

Check out he amazing facilities that a self booking tool offers exclusively for SMEs

Experience a better SME travel management

Collaborate with us and experience amazing facilities and solutions to all your travel issues.

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