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Travel Technology Tools for Better Experience

The inception of travel technology tools has enhanced travel experience a lot. The entire world has shifted to a contactless situation and travel is no exception. Contactless travel and online travel booking solutions are now the new norm, and it is here to stay for long and evolve with time. With business travellers becoming busy again with lots of business meetings, conferences and MICE which results in increased travel, is leading to the rise in demand for travel technology tools. Travel technology tools have become very essential in this scenario as these tools are highly responsible in making the travel stress free and smooth. With the support of travel technology tools, business travellers will now feel lot safer and can take better decisions in travel.

Being a leading international brand in travel industry we have brought in latest travel technology tools equipped with best-in-class travel platform for seamless operations for our customers. Our travel technology tools will provide a single interface to book and manage travel for your travellers and keep a track for every travel detail, thus delivering customized business travel solutions that you would need in your employee's travel.

Travel technology has advanced a lot since its inception, bringing us a myriad of benefits that enhance every aspect of the journey. One of the primary advantages of travel technology is the ease and efficiency with which travelers can plan their trips. Travel safety is another aspect that a traveler can enjoy with latest updates in travel. Online platforms and mobile applications provide instant access to a pool of information allowing users to remain updated about the destinations, changes in weather, sudden emergency, flights updates and much more. With just a few clicks now a traveller can compare prices and book accommodations.

With our latest mobile applications, a traveller can get real-time updates on flights, weather conditions, and traffic that contribute to seamless travel logistics. For travel booking purposes, a traveller can reap best benefits from our online travel booking solutions that facilitate real time information on flights and hotels. From a wide variety of options available in our online booking tool, a traveller can enjoy the freedom of booking as per choice and requirement.

Travel technology also offers enhanced safety measures. Emergency assistance, medical resources, and location tracking services provide a sense of security for both solo and group travelers.

online travel booking tool offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Online Travel Booking Simplified

Our Online Booking Tool holds the perfect example of smart and effective travel technology tools that brings to you a robust bouquet of fares and inventory which are compatible within the scope of your organization’s travel policies. Our distribution package offers complete end-to-end travel solutions with all travel managers'/ travelers’ needs being incorporated into it. From self-booking capability, duty of care issues to reimbursement, data analytics, timely reporting and many more, are covered in organized manner to keep you updated and stress free.

What all you need is to click the below link, fill up your details and sign up with the latest travel technology system that are truly dedicated for corporate and small and medium enterprises.

Welcome to better travel booking experience.

Easy online payment solution offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Payment Solutions

easy payment methods

Contactless payment has already gained popularity and being widely used by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals keeping in mind the convenience of the consumers. Our payment methods offer easy interfaces that make business travel simpler, secured, and smarter. With our digital payment system, we have effectively removed the load of offline payment from our customers and deliver clarity on travel spend. You can now book flights, hotels and other travel services online easily.

Travel Profile Management offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Profile Management

organized database

We have latest travel tool with a huge repository where customer profiles are managed and maintained efficiently. The storage system is one-of-its-kind as it is robust and secured with PCI-DSS compliance. It has a unique capability of sending auto notifications for visa and passport validity. It also provides alerts for any changes or updates that you would like to add to your profile. For a faster turnaround it is integrated with our primary GDS system. In short, your profile is secured and better managed.

Top Travel Services: exactly the assistance you need

We have been managing business travel since decades and we know exactly what you need in your next business trip. With our robust experience, we understand the travel trade better and that’s the reason we offer travel services that are simple and flexible through our latest travel technology tools. Being one of the largest travel franchise networks of the world we have a strong presence throughout the globe which enables us to reach you faster with required services. Our omnichannel presence: mobile, online, and offline, has been adding a lot of comfort to our customers during their business and leisure travel where they can easily reach us at the hour of need.

If you wish to know more on our improved travel services and next level featured services, then click the links below and explore the world of latest business travel.

FAQs on Online Travel Booking Solutions

What are the benefits of booking travel online?

Online travel booking, especially for corporate is seamless since it offers multiple opportunities in a single platform. The benefits online travel booking are –


  • Anytime booking facility
  • Special corporate fares

  • Easy amendments

  • Travel policy compliance

  • GST compliance

  • One click approval system

  • Single payment solution

  • Reports & analysis

What are the key features of your online booking tool?

At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, we are offering an easy and user-friendly online booking tool to B2B partners, SMEs and large enterprises. The key feature of the tool are as follows -


  • Fast interface
  • Presents accurate information
  • Offers special fares
  • Easy amendments
  • Reports and much more

Is there any problem or issue with online booking systems?

Being one of the leaders in travel industry in India our online booking tool is seamless and offers multiple solutions to varied customers. We have generated satisfied corporate and B2B partners over the years who are gaining more from our online travel booking tool.

What are the supports from your company?

Our travel experts provide consistent support 24/7 to all our B2B associates, SMEs and Corporate in both domestic and international segments. Apart from the online booking solutions we offer travel documentation, and accommodation and ground transport support.

Is your online booking platform safe?

It is absolutely safe as customers can save their profile information and account details with the tool. Every customer can generate unique user account ids of their own. For more information connect with us.