Maximize your benefits from data

Business intelligence with travel solutions

Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals brings to you the scope of enhancing your travel performance and creating better travel programs for your employees. Our business intelligence reports provides an overview of the travel expenditure over a period time across key metrices. It gives detailed insights to the extent of hotel stays both for domestic and international destinations and creates a huge opportunity for cost savings. With our analytics you can manage your travel spend in a smarter way and reap benefits for your upcoming travel from global data insights.

The strength & benefits of travel data and reports

With a consolidated data you can always create a travel policy that suits better to your company in terms of travel planning, reduced costs and other key factors that impact a travel program. With our business intelligence reports you can negotiate with the suppliers and turn around the factors in your favor and improve your travel program. Most of all you will get customized reports which will identify and present the exact data you need.