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Business Travel Plan: End-to-end Planning

Your search for business travel plan ends here as you have come to one of the leading travel planners of India, who have decades of experience in delivering superior business travel plan to the clients. We have a high penetration in both international and domestic destinations with a robust pool of suppliers to equip with best rates, finest accommodations and strong travel support system working with us round the clock. With our strong expertise and business travel services, we will create a comfortable travel plan that will keep you stress free and secure.

Complete Travel Planning by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
Complete Planning

With our wide collection of travel itineraries your business travel plan will always be unique and interesting. Being part of an international travel network we can reach to worldwide destinations and bring out customized travel experiences for you. For MiCE and Bleisure trips we make travel arrangements in a way that they comply your company’s travel policy and at the same time you get better deals. Not only that, we also keep our alternatives ready so that you do not have to get stuck ever.

End To End Travel Services by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
End-to-End Travel Services

Our business travel plan starts with identifying your needs and assisting you to get the right travel update from authorized sources. Our pre-trip support compiles air tickets bookings, advance hotel reservations and complete documentation guidance. During travel you will get access to emergency services and other essential travel information from us. We would also provide you with travel reports and data intelligence on completion of your travel.

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Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals offers travel programs that suit your needs. With our huge collection of itineraries and expert travel professionals, it is easier for us to manage your travel at different levels. We can also create a customized travel program depending on a specific requirement and at the same time you will get latest travel information and updates. Check with us for more.

FAQs on Business Travel Plan

How is business travel risk managed?

Business travel risks are mostly managed by Duty of Care tools and other emergency travel support that are required by a traveler at the need of the hour. These tools are latest and provide updated information to the business traveler in case of weather / climate change, sudden pandemic outbreak, any disruption in destination, change in entry-exit guidelines, alternate routes, emergency booking, and 24 X 7 emergency travel support.

What are the biggest risks for business travelers?

The biggest risks for a business traveler can be the following.


  • Loss of documents
  • Sudden disruption in destination
  • Delays in flights
  • Change in arrival guidelines
  • Last minute alteration in plan

What is an example of a business trip?

A trip conducted for business purposes can be defined as a business trip. For example, a business trip can be conducted for attending business meetings, seminars, or trade fairs.

How do I plan a business trip for my boss?

It’s simple, you need to connect with us through mail – info@travelsandrentals.com or fill up the form in our contact us page stating the exact requirements of your travel. We will come back with suitable options and answers.

What are the travel safety guidelines for employees?

A successful business travel depends on the safety and comfort of your employees. Hence, they need to adhere to the travel safety guidelines stated below.


  • Keeping updates on flights, hotels, road transport and the destination
  • Stocking your regular medicines
  • Back up of all travel documents and keeping them safe.
  • Details of contact person for emergency support
  • Refrain from using public WiFi
  • Be in constant touch with the travel management company
How to manage business travel risks in this situation?

This is one pertinent question that will come to your mind every time you plan for your business travel. You need to look into some essential factors in order to create a flexible travel policy that will seamlessly operate in present situations and at the same time keep your employees safe from travel risks. So, what are the pre & post trip requirements? Is there a requirement of certain technology? and most of all, How do you reduce risks? Read more to get suitable answers.