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India Travel News - April 2024

This edition of India Travel Newsletter highlights on interesting topics of glowing forest, engineering marvels coming up in India with the big festival of Buddha Purnima and its celebration across the nation. This news are glimpses of the amazing developments happening in India on tourism front and experiencing them as you visit this beautiful nation of diverse cultures, communities, food, landscapes and more. Click the button to read the appealing news on India travel. 

Kashmir Tulip garden opens

India Travel News - March 2024

Breaking news for the travellers planning to visit Srinagar in March-April as the largest Tulip Garden of Asia also known as Indira Gandhi memorial Tulip Garden will open from 23rd March 2024. Also experience India's first underwater metro started in Kolkata and on the other hand Odisha launches the melanistic Tiger safari which will be one of its kind globally. Alongside sail through the news of Sikkim resuming flights and Baisakhi 2024 - the famous harvest festival and new year is celebrated across the states of India.  Click the below button for more details.

Quest Image

India Travel News – February 2024

In this edition of India travel news, Sikkim is celebrating its first railway station marking a significant milestone in the state's connectivity and accessibility. This much-anticipated development is set to boost tourism, trade, and overall economic growth for the region. Also, Odisha Gupteshwar Forest declared as Biodiversity-Heritage Site (BHS) in the state, the Spring festival Holi will be celebrated by millions of locals and alike, thousands of tourists welcoming colours of life. Click below for more latest travel news.

Indian Travel News - January 2024


Discover the latest India travel news for January and February 2024. From the allure of Kashmir in winter to exciting developments across the country, explore why India is set to shine in 2024. With predictions of increased inbound tourism, fueled by rising FDI, new destinations, air routes, and hotel expansions, India promises an unforgettable experience. 

India domestic travel reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - December 2023

Lot of encouraging news as India domestic travel reaching new levels with safaris resuming in Kas Plateau and lots of scope to explore the grand river Narmada as Madhya Pradesh tourism launches the scenic Narmada Parikrama. Click the below link and explore India travel updates to include Indian itineraries in your upcoming travel.

India travel newsletter reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - November 2023

This newsletter comes up with encouraging news on India travel as inbound travel to India has started showing high spikes while Karnataka to introduce a Tiger Safari zone soon. More news as National Geographic recognizes Sikkim as the coolest destination and fresh snowfall is reported in Kashmir making it a heavenly spot for the tourists.

India Travel News reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - October 2023

The October edition brings out a splendid news on India's ranking on most popular toruist destination along with Bike riding updates in Binsar forest, Dark Sky Reserve and the Grand Serendipity Arts Festival of 2023 to take place in Goa.

India NL September Edition
India Travel News - September 2023

This newsletter brings you an exciting announcement from Ministry of Tourism of India, updates on Shore Temple and recent inclusions in UNESCO World Heritage List with updates on the biggest Festival of Lights taking place in November.

Impact of heritage hotels on India tourism reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - August 2023

The August edition of India newsletter highlights the impact of Heritage Hotels on India tourism, Goa airport update, opening of destinations in North Kashmir, tour guide on North India and the biggest festival coming up in the nation.

Archeological site reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - July 2023

Our India Travel Newsletter of July edition extensively talks about a large convention center launch in Delhi, development of historical tourism circuit, launch of a Vedic Park and one of the vibrant and popular festivals of India that you simply cannot miss.

Siachen Glacier Base reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - June 2023

June 2023 presents a whole bunch of India travel updates that a traveller needs to know. This edition includes Jammu's new tourism hotspot, opening of Siachen Glacier base and the Biggest festival of Kerala with many interesting news.

India Travel News - May 2023

This edition of India Travel newsletter brings lot of insights on MiCE centers that are huge and perfectly equipped to hold large corporate events. With that it also covers interesting festivals, new destinations and fantastic holiday packages.

Amarnath Yatra tour packages by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - April 2023

This edition of our "India Newsletter" brings you the holy Amarnath Yatra starting from 1st July, new travel update from beautiful Himachal Pradesh, Ramoji Film City and Grand Ratha Yatra tours.

India Flight Bookings by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
India Travel News - March 2023

The domestic air traffic of India has come back and matching almost the pre-pandemic levels. Lots of new domestic travel activities are opening up as well encouraging footfalls from all across the world.

International arrival guidelines
India Travel News - February 2023

The international arrival guidelines in India are continuously changing due to the declining graph of pandemic across the world. Moreover, lots of events happening across India making travel even more interesting.

India Travel News - January 2023

G20 conventions have opened a lot of opportunities for Indian destinations. On top of that, back-to-back mega festivals are being in the month of February that are popular and grand in nature. Click the following link and know more about the India travel news latest. 

India Travel News - December 2022

Lot of new travel updates are pouring in especially Jharkhand, North-East and Himachal Pradesh. Netarhat, the land of waterfalls, Unakoti - the Ankor Wat of North East and Manali are slowly turning to be the perfect holiday destinations in India.

India Travel News: November 2022

Here we bring you the latest guidelines of International Arrivals in India, Best places to visit India in winter, fascinating travel updates and an interesting carnival to take place in December 2022.

India Travel News - October 2022

The October edition extensively discusses the rising demand of Inbound Tourism of India along with new destinations opening up back-to-back and the Festival of Lights celebrated all across the country. 

India Travel News - September 2022

India Bhutan border gates are open, Nagaland to promote off road tourism, Haryana to get largest museum of Harappan culture and back-to-back festivals of Durga Puja & Diwali, all together are making India more colourful this month.

India Travel News - August 2022

Lot of interesting India travel news latest are coming from various states of India as new routes are opening up and new destinations are on the rise. Beyond that West Bengal is gearing up to stage world's biggest festival - Durga Puja.

India Travel News - July 2022

India looks very promising, says the CEO of one of the top hotel chains of Asia as the country is recovering rapidly in every travel segment. India Nepal bus services have resumed while all the domestic destinations are booming once again. 

India Travel News - June 2022

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation have announced few mandates that are required to follow in airports and flights by the passengers. Avoiding the same will invite strict actions as mandated by Delhi High Court.

India Travel News - May 2022

Fully vaccinated travelers coming to India from the (UAE) will no longer need to take the Covid PCR test as per the recent update. The travelers can now upload their vaccination completion certificate on Air Suvidha portal.

India Travel News - April 2022

In order to provide streamlined healthcare services to visitors from outside India, the Govt Of India is developing a new "Heal in India" initiative where medical packages will be standardized for foreign visitors

India Travel News - March 2022

The new hot spots of India are slowly gaining popularity with the likes of Kurusadai island in Tamil Nadu, Badam Vaer in Kashmir and Night Astro tourism in Rajasthan.

India Travel News - February 2022

Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are coming up with amazing travel news that will attract the travellers all around the world.

India Travel News - January 2022

Here comes the most interesting India travel news latest with the inception of new year! Gulmarg is perceived now as an alternative yet attractive skiing destination by international ski lovers since Alps remains over crowded most of the times.

India Travel News - December 2021

Uttarakhand is all set to open a tree house for tourists in Tarai west forest division of Nainital.

India Travel News - November 2021

One of the cleanest river in world located in Meghalaya is going viral for its transparent water.

India Travel News - October 2021

Uttar Pradesh gets its international airport in Kushinagar, a popular holy place widely known for its significant Buddhist site.

India Travel News - September 2021

Whistling village communicating through musical tunes is a great attraction for tourism now. 

India Travel News - August 2021

The marble wonder which was closed since March last year, reopens for night viewing.

India Travel News - July 2021

Built in year 1213 CE, Ramappa Temple of Telengana makes it to the UNESCO's World Heritage list.

India Travel News - June 2021

Once been a capital of a formidable empire amazing Hampi stands rich in history and glory.

India Travel News - May 2021

Automated e-gates for immigration to be installed in Delhi airport.

India Travel News - April 2021

LCC Travels & Rentals brings you the perfect itinerary for a vacay to Ladakh -  "Land Of Gompas".

India Travel News - March 2021

Golden Chariot is back on track and will whistle through the heritage sites and prominent spots of South India.

India Travel News - February 2021

Top Hiking Destinations Part II - elaborates on the routes of Binsar Trek, Goechala Trek and Rupin Pass.

India Travel News - January 2021

Top Hiking Destinations Part I - elaborates on the routes of Sandakphu Trek, Chopta Chandrashila Deoria Tal Trek and Kedarnatha Peak Trek.

India Travel News - December 2020

Experience Goa - The land of sun, sand and spices with exquisite itineraries from LCC Travels & Rentals.

India Travel News - November 2020

Nahargarh is a fascinating retreat in Ranthambhore that gives you the amazing experience of Rajasthan's royalty.

India Travel News - October 2020

Plan your vacay in this  amazingly diverse and beautiful Uttarakhand.

India Travel News - September 2020

Surrounded by cedar, rhododendron and Himalayan oak trees, Shimla is the destination of natural beauty.

India Travel News - August 2020

Famous for its lush green landscape, verdant hills and dense forests make Purulia a photographer's paradise.

India Travel News - July 2020

All the Indian states are lifting bans one by one, travelling seems to resume.

India Travel News - June 2020

The Ministry of Home Affairs issues Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) for Indians stranded outside.

India Travel News - May 2020

Pondicherry is so much more than just a pretty town by the sea.

India Travel News - April 2020

Ministry of Home Affairs extends visa further for foreigners in India.

India Travel News - March 2020

The Director General Of Civil Aviation issued a circular on Travel & Visa restrictions.

India Travel News - February 2020

UAE nationals will now have access to a 60 Day visa on arrival for various

India Travel News - January 2020

Mandavgarh is popular for its intriguing and pastel coloured
monuments that once belonged to Mughal and Afghan forces. This popular destination stands out as a celebrated tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh.