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Our clientele is diverse as we offer business travel solutions in multiple industries within India and outside the nation. Therefore, we understand the need of our clients and treat them with top priority as it varies from industry to industry. That’s why we take immense care in opting for the right travel tools and find world class business travel solutions for them.

With us you will find value added solutions and tech solutions that will empower you with better travel insights and analytics. You will have enough opportunity to save your money through our fare optimization process and also get covered with duty of care tools. To add more to that, you will get a self booking facility complimented by smooth transactions and better control on your travel. You can also monitor your company's travel through a single platform and derive customized travel reports as per your convenience.

With our prime focus on business travel management, our comprehensive suite of business travel solutions is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges experienced by our esteemed corporate travellers. Following is a brief process flow that we undergo while offering our business travel solutions.

Streamlined Corporate Travel Management:

Our corporate travel management system is the DNA of all the travel services and solutions we offer. It is a centralized platform or core that controls all the aspects starting from travel planning, booking to expense tracking and reporting. Our systematic approach allows companies to make informed decisions, optimize costs and ensure compliance with travel policies.

Efficient Booking Process:

Our online travel booking platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the booking process, delivers best corporate deals, offers multiple fare options and saves valuable time for corporate professionals. With access to a vast supplier network of airlines, hotels, and transportation services, our corporate travellers can easily find and book the most suitable options for their business trips. Our online booking engine is certainly a tech solution that that offers unmatched experience.

Policy Compliance and Approval Workflows:

We understand the integration of policy to your corporate travel program as it is directly related to approval system and its processes. Our travel tools are equipped with customizable policy settings that can be tailor made for the unique requirements of each organization. The approval workflows ensure that travel plans are aligned with company policies, reducing the risk of unauthorized expenses and ensuring a smooth and compliant travel process.

Cost Optimization and Reporting:

One of the key advantages of our business travel solution is the ability to optimize costs without compromising on quality. Our travel experts can provide real-time insights into travel expenses, allowing companies to identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate favorable deals with preferred vendors. With our detailed reports, any organization can get a comprehensive overview of travel expenditures, enabling the management to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

Duty Of Care:

This is the core of our travel risk management program where the safety of the travellers is a priority. With our advanced duty of care tools, we can deliver vital information on with our round-the-clock travel support. Whether it's last-minute changes, emergencies, climate change, flight delays or cancellations or general inquiries, our dedicated support team is available to assist, ensuring that travelers can focus on their business objectives without the stress of unexpected travel challenges.

Concluding the topic, our business travel solutions are designed to redefine corporate travel management by providing value added, cost-effective, and tech-based travel solutions. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, our travel experts are committed to simplify the complexities of business travel by empowering large enterprises and SMEs to focus on their core objectives. Experience the future of corporate travel management with our innovative solutions and reveal a world of possibilities for your business.

Top 7 reasons why you need travel management solutions in crisis

Top 7 reasons why you need travel management solutions in crisis

Be it an international travel or a domestic one, information and protection are something you may need at any point of time during your travel. And only an expert travel management company will keep you covered with the all the essentials because it understands the industry well and possess all the capabilities to guide you with personalized services. Read this article as why there is a growing demand across all the industries for a suitable and experienced business travel management company. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Travel Solutions

What are business travel solutions?

Business travel solutions refer to a range of services that are designed to resolve various business travel issues. A business traveler can face issues like flight cancellations, disruptions in destinations, sudden weather change, loss of travel documents and much more. Moreover, a corporate can face issues with travel booking, expense management, itinerary planning, and traveler support for their employees. An expert corporate travel management company offers business travel solutions for secured and smooth travel.

How can business travel solutions benefit my company?

Business travel solutions offer several benefits for companies. Companies face challenges with flight bookings, hotel bookings, ground transportation, tracking employee travel expense, exploring best deals and corporate fares and creating an efficient travel program. With effective business travel solutions, a company can secure better travel rates and discounts, get proper data on cancellations and rescheduling, manage booking processes efficiently, provide traveler support and ensure travel policy compliance.

Can business travel solutions cater to different travel requirements?

Certainly, business travel solutions can be tailor made as per the requirements of traveller or company. They can offer customize solutions to various travel requirements, including preferred domestic and international flights, multiple market fares, fare optimization, preferred hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and even specialized services like arranging travel documents such as passport issuance / renewal, visa processing, travel insurance and MiCE tour arrangements.

Are business travel solutions suitable for SME businesses?

Business travel solutions are not limited to large corporations only. They can be tailored to fit the needs and budgets of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, we have a dedicated team for SME travel that particularly understands the requirement of SMEs and offer travel solutions based on that. In the process, smaller businesses benefit greatly from these solutions as they enjoy cost-saving opportunities, streamline processes, and ensure efficient travel management.

How do business travel solutions ensure traveler safety and security?

Travel management companies offer Duty of Care feature that reduce travel risks and provide safety to the traveller. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we offer real-time travel alerts and updates, with destinations reports, weather reports, emergency news, flight updates, insurance, interactive map, chat facility, 24 X 7 support and have systems in place to handle emergency situations. These steps help companies strongly to fulfill their duty of care towards their employees while they are traveling for business commitments.