Travel services across borders.

The value of a centralized travel management system

Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals has successfully operated Global Travel Services, one of our premium travel services, for more than 14 countries across Asia-Pacific South & Middle East & Africa from its location in Kolkata, India. Our dedicated team of travel experts operating 24X7 across all time zones offers global travel services consistently across international borders.

With our robust experience and expertise, our travel management program has evolved over the years to keep you safe and updated with our cutting-edge solutions.

APAC & MEA Hub Services by Lufthansa City Center

What we offer in Global Travel services?

Our deliverables are prepared based on clear understanding of the requirements of our clients over decades and suitable solutions they need in their travel programs.

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • A Team of highly experienced travel consultants
  • A centralised Profile Management system
  • Direct Full Service & Low-cost Airlines from Traveller’s POO (Point of Origin) 
  • Car & Hotel bookings at Contracted Rates
  • Visa assistance wherever required
  • Local Invoicing & Local Payments in local currency
  • Local Payments either via Lodge Card or Invoicing
  • Monthly Reporting including missed savings
  • Regular calls with the Corporate, and Onsite Visit as necessary
  • Onboarding and implementation of Travel Services of new countries in APS & MEA region from the HUB in a phased manner

The latest travel technology we use

tech services
Tech Solutions:

As a part of international travel agency network, we are committed to provide solutions with the support of our latest technology acclaimed worldwide. Our advanced travel tech tools enable contactless booking system from a single interface from where you can easily manage your business travel seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on APAC & MEA Hub Services

How does your centralized travel management system work?

Our centralized travel management system works as a Hub service for a multinational corporate having presence in multiple countries. We dedicated team of travel experts operate 24 X 7 across all time zones offering specialized travel services across the globe. Presently we are offering services in many countries across Asia Pacific South and Middle East & Africa region.

How global travel hub services are helpful?

Corporate can reap multifarious benefits from Hub Services because a consolidated travel management program offers dedicated travel support and better clarity on travel data. The benefits of Hub Services are cited below.


  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Better control on bookings
  • Point-of-origin fares
  • Centralized Profile Management System
  • Local Accounting System
  • Country wise customized travel reports
  • Centralized Duty of Care support

What are the latest travel technologies you use?

At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we always trust on advanced technology for superior services. For flight booking, hotel reservations, road transport, international rails and cruises we use Global Distribution System (GDS) and Online Booking Engines (OBE). We rely on latest Cloud Telephonic System for automated call distribution and Profile management tool for clients’ data security.

How is your APAC & MEA Hub services better than others?

APAC & MEA Hub Services are very rare in most of the countries. Among very few of the reputed travel management companies, Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals stands as a specialized and experienced travel management company being part of the most acclaimed international travel franchise – Lufthansa City Center. Our services are –


  • Competitive pricing & transparency
  • Easy and fast travel policy compliance
  • Centralized key account management
  • Local tax compliant invoicing
  • Online and Offline travel solutions