Corporate Travel Management Services.

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Situations and travel advisories keep changing, that's the reason you need to be updated with regular travel services news especially in cases of business travel. The company that deals with corporate travel management services will only be able to deliver the quality travel services to you. Our strong Lufthansa City Center technology and tools, experienced travel experts, and cost optimized travel management system together will deliver exactly what you need in your business trips.

Our corporate travel management services has always been powerful due to our strong travel planning and we are equipped with suitable options that we can present to our business clients with end-to-end support. We understand that your purpose of travel is different, hence we go beyond regular travel management and customize your travel in a way that you get the best travel program. It starts with proposing a plan, then optimizing it upon approval and enriching the rest with our key deliverables. 

Our Improved Corporate Travel Management Services

Our service quality is continually being developed and adapted to the dynamic needs of the current business travel. Behind the success of our quality concept is the philosophy that has grown from many years of experience and from the knowledge of competent industry experts. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we keep a check on entry advisories, necessary documentation, updated travel guidelines, account management and well-timed reporting, so that you stay relax and calm in your business tours.

Our travel documentation process involves Visa generation, new Passport issuance and reissuance, Travel insurance, Entry documents, Vaccination documents if necessary and all other travel documents that you may need in your business tour.

We will keep supporting you even after your travel because we believe that our job is not completed till you get the analytics on your travel which in turn will assist you to plan seamlessly for your next travel program.

In summary, the complexities of corporate travel raise the need of expertise and resources that can be offered by an expert travel management company. With proper outsourcing, your travel management company can streamline your business travel by making reasonable cost savings with continuous customer support. In today’s time, a 24/7 travel support has become a necessity especially when you are travelling international destinations. In the incidents of travel disruptions, emergency situations, change of travel plan and other crisis events, the travel management company will provide round the clock assistance in order to keep your employees safe and well informed.

Moreover, through corporate travel management services you will get useful insights through analysis of your travel data over a period of time and can explore avenues of successful and better business travel management so that you can relax and focus on your core business operations while enjoying the benefits of a well-managed and optimized travel program.

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    FAQs on Corporate Travel Management Services

    What is a corporate travel management system?

    The planning and managing of end-to-end business travel booking for an enterprise may be termed as corporate travel management system.

    What is a corporate travel service?

    A corporate travel service is a facility dedicated to the corporate travellers in order to make their travel seamless and stress free. The corporate travel services are multifarious. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we offer our customers the following services –

    1. Travel planning
    2. Flight booking
    3. Hotel booking
    4. Ground transport
    5. 24/7 emergency support
    6. VIP Travel services
    7. Documentation support and much more

    What is the role of a travel management company?

    The role of a travel management company is to facilitate corporate travel services for business trips and MICE tours and leisure travel services for holiday trips and packages.

    Do you customize your travel program?

    Yes, as a corporate travel management company we customize both corporate travel and leisure travel tours based on customer’s requirements. We have an experienced team of travel experts who has the tremendous capability of planning and executing corporate and leisure travel.

    What are the needs of corporate travel?

    The major needs for a corporate travel are –

    1. Business meeting tours
    2. Seminars
    3. Conferences
    4. Exhibitions & Fairs

    What are the risks associated with corporate travel?

    It is true that risks are associated with corporate travel and they can be dangerous unless you have a backup plan ready with your travel management company. The common risks that are widely observed are –


    1. Flight delays and cancellations
    2. Documents misplacement and theft
    3. Sudden climate changes
    4. Political disruptions in destination
    5. Abrupt health issues


    The primary role of our travel experts is to ensure that your trip is safe and seamless throughout. In case of emergency, our 24/7 support team is ready to provide you the necessary services.