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Business Travel - MICE Program

As a part of corporate travel, business travel MiCE program has always been an essential travel program for large to small & medium sized business. Being an experienced business travel management company, we understand the requirements of business travel MiCE very well through our experiences. From finding interesting destinations, making robust supplier deals to unforgettable experiences and creating tailor made event solutions, we have a plan for every business need.

What are the components of MICE Travel?

Before getting onto our planning of your incentive tours, let us get clear about the 4 significant components of MICE travel.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions/Events (M.I.C.E) travel are the components that revolves around various business events. The success of M.I.C.E travel depends on understanding the a specific component, its objectives and the planning and execution of it for better results.

Meetings: Business meetings are the most common component of MICE travel which mostly involves organizing meetings between business groups or individuals. From small scale gatherings to large corporate conferences, business meetings are termed as the core of MICE. In this component, the venue, facilities, and both air and ground transport play equally crucial roles in ensuring productive and successful meetings.

Incentives: Incentive travel is designed to motivate and reward employees for their special achievements. It could be for Distributors and Dealers as well for their distinct contribution towards growth of the organization. This travel can be quarterly or annually depending on the organization offering this travel.  This travel is intended to create unique and memorable experiences, such as destination rewards or team-building activities, to uplift morale and foster a positive corporate culture.

Conferences: Conferences are larger scale events than the above two where business professionals meet to discuss on bigger issues on business goals and building roadmaps for future. Conferences require state-of-the-art venue with better capacity of accommodating guests, top facilities equipped with latest technology and tools for presentations, a perfect platform for individual interaction, dining opportunities and all that an organization needs for a conference. This event requires meticulous planning and execution ensuring participants gain valuable insights.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions are more intended to provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services to a targeted audience. The event also offers excellent scope for networking opportunities for the participants and the visitors who travel miles to attend the exhibitions for building business relationships. Strategic planning is the key to organize successful exhibitions. It also includes effective marketing and creating a conducive environment to networking and business transactions.

It is important to understand each of the component in detail as it simplifies the job for both the company and business travel management company (TMC). Hence it is necessary to be on the same page while planning for MICE travel as the deliverables from the TMC need to meet the exact requirements of the company.

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Incentive Tours

With huge experience in the field of incentive travel, we have built a large portfolio of destinations and venues worldwide, suitable for all sizes and budgets. We have a strong base of suppliers across airlines, hotels and cars from where we can pull out the best deals for business travel MiCE programs providing an opportunity for cost savings. From venue finalization to airline, hotels booking and local transfers, we take care of your business travel MiCE management based on your requirements. If you have a specific place in mind, we can also book that for you. Know more on Incentive tour.

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Trade Fairs

Situations have already come back to normal with the opening of country borders, worldwide trade fairs are taking place in various countries and regions with tremendous business footfall everywhere. Almost all the exhibitors, worldwide, are initiating physical events more than ever producing a huge scope of sharing and exchanging of information among travelers, visitors, industry leaders and exhibitors.  We have collated data of significant events and presented a comprehensive list of trade fairs that are taking place now or scheduled in the upcoming months where you can plan your visit according to your choices.

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FAQs on Business Travel MICE

What is an example of MICE travel?

Travelling for business meeting or attending a business conference / seminar, participating in a trade fair in domestic or international destination are classic examples of MICE travel or Business Travel MiCE.

What are the benefits of MICE business travel?

There are clear distinctions between MICE business travel management and self-travel management as MICE business travel management offers more to the business travelers since it is planned and controlled by an experienced travel management company. The benefits of MICE travel management are cited below.

  • Easy handling of business traveler groups
  • Smooth travel booking in Airlines and Road transport
  • Special rates and fares in group booking
  • Better organization of business events in the venue
  • Enhances company reputation among employees and other stakeholders

Who can participate in MICE travel?

Any business organization can participate in MICE Business Travel depending on the nature of the seminar. Usually, key employees from the organization attend business conferences that are held domestically or internationally.

How can I make the most of my MICE travel experience?

A business conference or seminar will continue during business hours only and that gives a chance to the business travelers to explore the destination more. These days many companies are offering Bleisure trips which are perfect blends of business and leisure trips. An expert travel management company can only arrange these trips and offers to make the most of MICE travel experience.

What are some common mistakes to avoid during MICE travel?

As a business traveler it always better to know the entire plan, in advance, and understand each step of it. If there is a question, please raise it and get it resolved with the travel management company to avoid unnecessary hassles during travel. Some of the common mistakes to avoid during MICE travel are –


  • Deviating from itinerary and taking own decisions
  • Over-packing
  • Failing to change the mobile data plan
  • Not carrying prescribed medicines or other emergency ones
  • Forgetting to notify bank for international travel
  • Missing out on one of the essential documents
  • Carrying valuables

How much does MICE travel cost?

There is no fixed cost for MICE Travel. It entirely depends on the nature of travel, destination travelling to, mode of transport, nature of accommodation and other factors like availing special travel services and much more.

What are some popular MICE destinations?

Few popular MICE destinations in Asia are

  • India
  • Bangkok
  • Beijing
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Macau
  • Seoul
  • Singapore

What is the purpose of MICE travel?

The primary purpose of MICE Travel is business. On behalf of the company, a business traveler attends a business conference or a meeting for new business, retaining relationships and exchanging information for better business.

Scopes of MiCE in India

Are you looking for MiCE destinations within India ?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a descent MiCE destination within India. India is actually home to some of the finest and big convention centers that are perfect to conduct your conferences, seminars, meetings and other corporate events. With more than 300 hotels in 5-star levels, India stands strong for international demands as well. According to various reports, Indian States are now prepared to host MiCE events with lot of value additions.

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