Corporate travel management services

Making your travel simpler across boundaries

Based at the heart of Kolkata, India, Lufthansa City Center Travels and Rentals is delivering the best-in-class travel services since 1987. With a wide range of clients from various industries of Chemical, Tea, Oil & Minerals, Steel, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Refractories, Financial, Food Processing, Media & Entertainment, Fashion, Real Estate, Consulates, Chambers and much more adding to the list, we are happy to serve them consistently by delivering value added travel solutions and tech solutions assisted by end-to-end travel support.

With our decades long experience and specially in the post pandemic situation we have upgraded our tools and technology that are much needed to deliver the best and exactly the travel services that you would need in your next travel. Our travel experts were ready 24X7 even in the difficult situations and are consistently delivering much needed travel solutions now.

Being part of a global travel agency network our travel solutions have always stood apart and earned accolades from our reputed clients both domestically and internationally. With our compatible systems, updated travel tools and top service cultures we hold our position as India’s trusted travel management company.

Our Culture

Innovations, best travel services and better travel solutions have always been the driving forces of our organization. Our team has the ability to adapt to industry changes quickly and build travel programmes based on our customer’s needs. We are always available to suggest you with better options both for business travel and leisure tour packages. Our approach revolves around understanding you more and scale up our travel services for better experience. Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals has developed flexible working hours over a period of time to deliver better travel services at the hour of need.

How to select qualities of a Travel Management Company

In this fast-paced world, when travel has become essential for business purposes, it is difficult to choose the right travel management company that will serve you according to your needs. Every company has their individual policies and working structure that would differ from others. An efficient travel management company would adapt to the changes and offer solutions that would best suit to an individual on an enterprise. The top qualities that a travel management company must possess are –


  1. In-depth experience in serving both business and leisure travellers
  2. Strong supplier base across the world in order to extract best deals for the travellers
  3. Conversant with latest travel tools and technology to facilitate updated and fast information to the travellers
  4. Dedicated team that offers 24/7 emergency support in crisis situations
  5. Dedicated account management for fast and accurate processing of travel documents like visa, passport, insurance etc.
  6. Strong knowledge in accessing both domestic and international travel destinations
  7. Expert in handling MICE travel

FAQs on Corporate Travel Management Services

What is a corporate travel management system?

The planning and managing of end-to-end business travel for an enterprise or its travellers may be termed as corporate travel management system.

What is a corporate travel service?

A corporate travel service is a facility dedicated to the corporate travellers in order to make their travel seamless and stress free. The corporate travel services can be multifarious. From travel booking, travel management to post travel analysis and reporting, the length and breadth of corporate travel services are huge. And this can only be maintained by an expert travel management company handling business travel since years.

What is the role of a travel management company?

The role of a travel management company is to facilitate corporate travel services for business trips and MiCE tours and leisure travel services for holiday trips and packages.

What is the role of a corporate travel manager?

The role of a corporate travel manager is to identify the needs of a corporate traveller and ensure a safe and stress-free travel. From flight bookings, hotel accommodations to ground transport and adhering to corporate travel policies, the corporate travel manager should keep a keen eye on all the points and maintain a smooth operation throughout. Moreover, in case of emergency travel support, a corporate travel manager must ensure prompt support to the traveller.

Do you customize your travel program?

Yes, as a corporate travel management company we customize both corporate travel and leisure travel tours based on customer’s requirements. We have an experienced team of travel experts who have the tremendous capability of planning and executing corporate and leisure travel.

What are the needs of corporate travel?

The major needs for a corporate travel revolve around establishing and maintaining business relationships and acquiring new business or clients. However the other objectives can be –

  1. Business meeting tours
  2. Attending Seminars
  3. Attending Conferences
  4. Participating in Exhibitions & Fairs

What are the risks associated with corporate travel?

It is true that risks are associated with corporate travel and they can be dangerous unless you have a backup plan ready with your travel management company. The common risks that are widely observed are –

  1. Flight delays and cancellations
  2. Documents misplacement and theft
  3. Sudden climate changes
  4. Political disruptions in destination
  5. Abrupt health issues


The primary role of our travel experts is to ensure that your trip is safe and seamless throughout. In case of emergency, our 24/7 support team is ready to provide you the necessary services.

What corporate travel management services do you offer?

Being one of the leading corporate travel management company in India, we offer a bunch of services dedicated to corporate travel with latest tools and technology. With more than 35 years of experience our travel experts have generated happy customers across varied industries. The major services we offer are listed below –

  1. Travel Planning & Support
  2. Travel Account Management
  3. Visa, Passport and other documentation
  4. MIS Reporting
  5. APAC & MEA Hub Services
  6. VIP Travel Services
  7. 24/7 Travel Support
  8. Post Travel Analysis and Reporting

There are many other services.