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Premium Travel Services: Single Point Solution


What is Premium Travel Service?

Premium travel services are dedicated business travel services for high end travellers who seeks a heightened and luxurious experience throughout their journeys. These services extend beyond conventional travel offerings, focusing on delivering unparalleled comfort, convenience, personalized attention and safety. The core of premium travel services are VIP services, designed to elevate the entire travel experience of the travellers that goes beyond the ordinary.

What are the key features of Premium Travel service?

One of the key features of premium travel services is 24/7 support which ensures a round-the-clock assistance, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind to the premium travellers. The other key features are resolving last-minute changes in itinerary, handling unforeseen circumstances like flight delays and cancellations, providing real-time updates like climate change, sudden disruptions in destinations and much more.

Another feature of premium travel services is the seamless pick-up and drop services. Travelers can experience the services of a private chauffeur upon arrival, driving them in a luxurious vehicle to and from airport. This service can extend as part of ground transport required to travel from one destination to another ensuring a stress-free journey throughout. This detailing in transportation not only saves time but also enhances the overall business travel experience, setting the tone for a trip characterized by comfort, safety and sophistication.

In addition to the above features, the premium travel services also include exclusive access to VIP lounges, fast check-in and security processes, and curated experiences that go beyond the ordinary tourist offerings. From private tours to bespoke dining experiences, these services are crafted to cater to the unique preferences of the high-end travellers.

What we offer to our VIP travellers?

Our centralized travel management system has enabled us to provide premium travel services to our clients across the world. We have a strong foothold in the regions of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and have been consistently providing impeccable travel solutions since years. From large enterprises in India to global businesses across the world, our Reginal Service Hub stands as a powerful single point contact for all the essential travel services.

We have also combined 24/7 emergency travel service and VIP travel services with premium travel services in order to make the travel programs run smooth and hassle free. The global territories are supported by our experienced and dedicated team of travel experts who take care of our clients' travel management program round the clock. The program includes end-to-end travel planning, implementation, reporting and much more. Centralized travel management, emergency travel support, better corporate deals in air tickets, hotel bookings & car rentals, customized reports are few of the many advantages of our premium travel services.

FAQs on Premium Travel Services

What are premium services for corporate travelers?

These services are aimed for business professionals include but not limited to centralized travel management, emergency travel support, access to better corporate deals on flight bookings, hotels, car rentals, as well as customized reporting options.

What is centralized travel management?

Centralized travel management is a process of managing travel from a single window. It can be through a single booking platform or a corporate travel management company. The process involves all key aspects of corporate travel, such as booking flights, reserving accommodations, arranging ground transportation, managing travel documentation, offering duty of care and emergency support, preparing reports and much more. Centralized travel management offer better tracking of travel activities of a company which has multiple presence across the world.

How does emergency travel support benefit corporate travelers?

Emergency travel support is an essential factor for corporate travelers. It ensures prompt assistance in case of unforeseen situations, such as flight cancellations, delays, loss of travel documents, or medical emergencies. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, our dedicated support team is ready to assist travelers 24X7 for any urgent travel-related issues.

Can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit from premium services?

Certainly, premium travel services are not limited to large enterprises only. We offer tailor made solutions for SMEs, providing them with the same level of services as larger organizations. With these services, SMEs can manage their travel processes, save costs, and ensure their employees have access to better travel experiences.

How can these premium services contribute to a company's travel policy compliance?

An expert travel management company will be able to generate customized travel reports which will offer detail insights on travel bookings, expenses, travel frequencies, and a lot of other travel data that will help to create a better travel policy or improve the existing travel policy with revised guidelines.

Functioning Beyond Crisis stated by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

How we function beyond crisis

In every difficult situation our travel experts have delivered seamless travel services with limited resources. LCC Travels & Rentals is committed to deliver in every situation and strives hard to bring in the advantages of an international travel agency network to all our valued clients. Read this article to know how we deliver our salient services.