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Our dedicated team of visa and passport assistant services is equipped with all the latest travel information in order to keep you updated through our business travel services thereby ensuring safe travel. Once you book your ticket, it becomes our responsibility to assist you to get all the required documents, including travel insurance, processing of visa and passport and guide you for final issuance. With our strong international travel network, we will handhold for necessary travel documents that are required to travel any international destination in the world.

We have an experience of offering visa and passport assistant services since decades and have been successfully accomplishing various tasks on documentation to ensure smooth travel of our customers. Our faster documentation support and prompt updates from various authorities like passport office and visa issuance offices makes the entire process seamless and hassle free. All you need to tell us is where you want to travel and when you want to travel. And we will offer the entire support for your travel documentation.

Following are few of the documentation services we have been offering to our travelers since years.

Visa Services offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Visa Services

Situations are changing every day and therefore travel advisories are seeing a transformation. With our strong expertise we take care of your visa processing, visa renewal, re-entry visa, online and offline visa that includes business visa, invitation visa, cultural visa, religious visa, sports visa, tourism visa and family reunion visa.  Also, few countries are offering visa on arrival in present situation which is good news!

Passport Services offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Passport Services

We are committed to provide all sorts of documentation support and therefore we render expert guidance for new application or renewal of your passport. For a specific country we help in processing travel documents as well. With Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, you will enjoy prompt and seamless services for all your essential documentation.

Travel Insurance offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Travel Insurance


One of the mandatory travel documents now, Travel Insurance is something that you must need for your international trips. Adverse events, emergency situations or an accident will affect your travel for sure. Our International Travel Insurance will guard you from such hazards and ensure that you stay safe and protected in any sort of emergency.

Passport Services offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

What do you need for international travel ?

Whether you are on your business trip or leisure travel, you need to make sure that your travel documents are ready and updated. With the changing times there has been a lot of revisions in travel documents that you now need to take care of. Good news is that you need not to worry because our travel experts have sorted them out and are ready with prompt visa and passport services that you would need in your next international travel. All you need to do is tell us where you wish to travel and we will update you with the documents you need to travel with.

Tell us your needs and our travel experts will reach you shortly

    FAQs of Visa Passport Services

    What documents are required for international travel?

    The usual documents that a traveller needs to carry for international destinations are –

    • Passport
    • National Id proof
    • Visa
    • Travel Insurance
    • Return Ticket
    • Itinerary details

    However, there can be other travel documents that are mostly dependent on the destinations you are travelling to. The post pandemic period has raised various issues on entry of the travellers. Hence It is always wise to consult with an expert travel management company who is updated with all the recent information on travel. Click here to understand the necessary documents.

    What documents do I need to prepare for international flights?

    For international flights you need to have a valid passport and visa along with entry permits to a certain destination and necessary health documents. Before boarding the flight, you also need to complete necessary formalities with customs and immigration authorities.

    How do I prepare for an international work trip?

    You need to prepare from scratch and need to prepare well. From essential travel documents to detailed itinerary, from culture and social norms of the destination to the local weather conditions, you need to have an update in advance and get ready accordingly. It will depend on what should you carry and what not and a clear idea of the accommodation and ground transport. It is wise to take assistance of a travel management company that is expert in organizing international work trips for years.

    How long is passport valid for visa?

    It depends on the country that you are visiting. Different fees are applicable for different validity. However, the usual norms are that foreign embassies prefer to have a passport validity of 6 months to one year before issuance of visas.

    Does travel history matter for visa?

    Travel history can influence positive opinion of a consular officer although it is not a necessary element for international travel. With your previous travel history, the visa officer can assume the intention of your visit to your planned destination.   

    How many days travel insurance is valid?

    The days of coverage will vary from single trip to multi-trip scenario. It also depends on the insurance company who can offer a flexibility in your travel insurance. Usually under single trip policy the length is 180 days and for multi trip plans it can be valid for one year. It is still recommended to consult with the document expert of a travel management company and be prepared for the policy.

    How long does it take to process a visa application?

    Visa application process entirely depends on the concerned embassies and their countries as every country has different turnaround time for visa issuance. It is important that you must go through the embassy website and follow the rules and guidelines mentioned. In case you find it difficult to understand or face issues with application, please consult with our visa experts.

    What does travel insurance cover?

    Travel insurance is now a mandatory document for international travel. It covers a lot of essential stuffs and keeps you safe in your journey. Click for the elements that a travel insurance covers.