Ensuring round the clock updates

VIP Travel Services designed for You

Our VIP travel services are dedicated towards all VIP business professionals who need specialized services throughout their business trips. We know, you are travelling for important business and that’s the reason we make sure that at every step, your travel should be seamless and uninterrupted. With our robust travel experience and efficient VIP travel services we understand the business better while keeping our plans ready always. From prioritizing services to providing tailor made solutions, our travel programs ensure updates at every level.

Customised travel services offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Experience customized travel services

You will enjoy the support of a dedicated team of travel specialists who will prioritize your bookings and confirm them well in advance. We will take care of all sorts of travel preferences starting from specific flights to preferred seats, favourite hotel accommodations to food preferences, and comfortable routes to valet services.

On top of that, with the support of our technology platforms we will constantly monitor and provide you with the latest updates of flight timings, delays, re-routing, cancellations, hotels on the spot, rooms availability in case of sudden change of route and other essentials so that you can comfortably make or change your travel plans. Our travel management process will make your travel simple and free of disruption.

24 X 7 travel support

We have always extended our travel support beyond country boundaries as we are committed towards our clients for prompt and timely services. Our core objective is to mitigate your travel risks across the globe and provide with round the clock services for better and safe travel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the premium travel services you provide?

Our premium travel services include

  • 24 X 7 emergency travel service
  • APAC & MEA Hub services
  • VIP Services

Do you provide custom VIP travel services?

Yes, we do, and we have a specialized business travel program that offers end-to-end travel solutions for large, small and medium enterprises. From latest travel information to last moment changes in travel guidelines we keep updating our travelers continuously. Moreover, we take care of your preferences of specific flights to preferred seats, favourite hotels, and foods to valet services. Connect with us for better information.

Is your support team available all the time?

We have dedicated team of 24X7 travel support that takes care of travel at every stage. Our call center assistance gives constant updates on flight timings, delays, re-routing, cancellations, and much more. They will also guide thoroughly in case of sudden change of route or travel plans.

What types of corporate clients you cater?

From large enterprises to small and medium organizations we have a separate business travel program for all. We have a specialized SME travel management program that covers every aspect of it. We cater to a huge corporate base in India and across Asia Pacific-South and Middle East Africa regions.

How is your VIP travel services special?

Our VIP services are special because we offer customized travel services and prioritize customer preferences. We fulfill the last-minute changes, re-routing, information on flight changes, delays and other essentials that are required for seamless travel.

Business travel is on the rise
Face to face interactions are 34 times more effective than virtual meetings as revealed by Forbes in one of their reports.