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Managing SME Travel in India effectively

If you are looking for a detailed attention on your travel essentials like simple SME travel management, addressing travel risks with latest travel tools and technology, emergency services, dedicated travel support all over the globe along with accurate documentation, then you have come to the right travel site. Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals with its strong network all across the world takes care of all of them and facilitate you with better SME travel management.

Our Self Booking Tool (SBT) enables you to simplify your travel, gain better control on your employee’s travel, provides choices on flights and hotels, manage travel expenses effectively while saving costs. We have put a detailed eye on our online booking tool simply because we understand the significance of SME travel management and its needs. It is simple to access, easy to derive travel data and more importantly, user friendly.

Simple admin dashboard for SME travel offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Simple Admin Dashboard

The admin panel offers an easy platform where you can administer your employee’s travel as per the set travel policy of your organization. It is a simplified booking system with which you can access relevant data and overview all the travel related activities of your employees. For better SME travel management you may create sub users as well. Also, you will be able to generate reports on actual travel, frequency of cancellation, rescheduling, pending amount for refunds etc. With all the above in line, you will now have better insights on your travel than before.

SME Fares offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Special Fares

With our huge inventory and strong network of suppliers around the world, our online booking system offers more flexibility in corporate fares for your flight bookings. You can also extract special rates of hotels and that extends your horizon of choice across your favourite destinations. The SBT is configured with the popular GDS systems and low-cost airlines and thus have tremendous power of extracting better rates for you and your travelers. Moreover, you will gain more visibility on travel spend that will enable you to make better decisions for future travel.

Travel Policy Compliance explained by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Travel Policy Compliance

It is necessary for a corporate to set up few simple travel rules and regulations which the travelers / employees should adhere to. A travel policy protects your employees from travel risks, keeps the travel within budget limits, ensures  stepwise approvals and controls the travel related expenses. Our corporate  booking tool keeps an easy system where you can integrate your travel policies and take control of your company's travel right from the beginning.

Emergency Support offered by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Emergency Support

In this post-pandemic situation all that you need are prompt information and emergency travel support. Particularly in case of international travel, we understand that your primary concerns are safety, comfort and seamless service so that your travel stays hassle free. With our decades of experience and a reach to the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa region our 24 / 7 travel help desk is ready to provide you the desired support and updates on your destination. You will also be able to activate the alert and notification system in order to stay updated beforehand.

Our 24/7 Support

More services for SME travel management

In addition to the above benefits of Self Booking Tool, the system also offers the following services for a seamless experience in travel booking and management.

  • Set-up guidance of Self Booking Tool
  • Profile Management
  • Flight Amendments
  • GST Compliance
  • Easy Reporting
  • Duty of Care
  • Visa & Passport
FAQs on SME Travel Management

What is SME travel management?

The term “SME” denotes small and medium enterprise. SME travel management mostly refers to the travel activities that include travel planning, account management, adherence to travel policy, and reservations and bookings of the travelers.

Why is travel management important for SMEs?

SME management are mostly unmanaged due to lesser volumes of travel and lower booking rates. It happens on ‘as and when required’ basis which results to over budget spends and lack of transparency. Hence it is essential for an SME to have a control on travel spend and make better travel decisions.

How can SMEs benefit from outsourcing their travel management?

An experienced travel management company adds a lot of value to SME travel. The essential services they offer are as follows –

  • Better travel planning services
  • Special corporate air fares
  • Better rates on hotels
  • Self-booking tool
  • 24 X 7 emergency service
  • Reduced travel risks
  • Latest and updated travel information

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What are some common challenges that SMEs face when managing travel?

Few of the major challenges that the SMEs come across are –

  • More time spend in comparing fares
  • Unavailability of corporate rates
  • Less control on travel spends
  • More chances of travel risks
  • Lack of information

What are the key components of an effective SME travel management program?

The key components of an effective SME travel management program are better planning and better control. This program is implemented in a way that it also optimizes cost savings and enhances more booking options.

How can technology help SMEs manage travel more efficiently?

With the introduction of online booking tool in travel trade the booking and reservation of flight tickets and hotel accommodations have become easy and time saving. The online booking tool allows independence and clarity in fares, choice of seats and airlines. Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals offers latest Online Booking Tool entirely dedicated to B2B bookings.

What are cost-saving strategies for SME travel management?

A uniform cost saving strategy may not be applicable for all companies. Cost saving strategies are formulated based on few essential information that may vary from company to company. They depend on –

  • Frequency of travel
  • Number of employees travelling
  • Cost incurred in every travel
  • Travel policy
  • Travel spends set according to employee roles
  • Expected travel vs Actual travel
  • Budget setting

Setting up of all the above factors will facilitate creating an effective cost saving strategy.

What are the risks associated with business travel, and how can SMEs mitigate them?

Travel risks can be multifarious, some of the common risks are listed below.

  • Loss of travel documents
  • Sudden climate change
  • Change of route
  • Occurrence of natural disasters
  • Medical emergency

To avoid such emergency situations, an SME must manage their travel through an expert travel management company (TMC) who are experienced in operating business travel since years. A TMC will be primarily responsible for providing latest travel information, alert in case of disruptions, assist for travel documents including insurance and support in case of medical emergencies.

How can SMEs ensure compliance with travel policies and regulations?

Creating a travel policy is an essential task in order to ensure safety for employees, savings for company, and confirming seamless travel for all. Click here for the best method of creating travel policy.

How can SMEs measure the ROI of their travel management program?

SMEs can measure the ROI of their travel management program through accurate analytics and reporting system. Only an expert travel management company can prepare a customized report based on your requirements. They can also create a centralized reporting system so that you do not have to run for reports and invoices from your suppliers.

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