The use of Corporate Travel Booking Tool and the advancement of new technology have broken the barriers of corporate booking and made processes simpler, easier, and convenient for the travelers. A Corporate Travel Booking Tool comes with a lot of features that not only makes your travel process easy but consolidates data in a way where you can get an overview from a single dashboard. Now you have the freedom to book your own air tickets and making hotel reservations of your own choices from a huge pool of options you can easily access. Following are the top advantages of Corporate Travel Booking Tool.

Anytime booking facility:
You can login to your travel booking tool anytime you need. If you need to book travel on emergency basis, you don’t have to wait for the next morning to access travel data. Simply login and start booking your travel.

Special corporate fares:
This is one of the significant advantages of the travel booking tool. You can get access to the special deals and fares that are only available in this interface as a part of your corporate agreement. Furthermore, you can also take the advantage of early booking discounts if you are planning your travel in advance.

Easy amendments:
Recently, most of the airlines have introduced special offers in order to provide a huge relief to the travelers. Rescheduling and Cancellations have now become free of cost taking lot of burden off from the travelers.

Travel policy compliance:
 It is necessary for a corporate to set up few simple travel rules and guidelines which the travelers / employees need to follow. A travel policy protects your employees from travel risks, keeps the travel within budget limits, ensures stepwise approvals, and controls travel related expenses. Our corporate booking tool keeps an easy system where you can integrate your travel policies and take control right from the beginning. Create your Corporate Travel Policy.

GST compliance:
The travel booking systems are 100% GST compliant providing better financials to the travelers. You can extract GST invoices from the system which also ensures GST credits to the right entity.

One-click-approval system:
Once the travelers book their travel, the system immediately notifies the specified senior level who can approve the same with a single click. It provides an overview to the approver that the travel is justified and within the allotted budget.

Single payment solution:
The payment platforms provide a simple interface where a traveler can seamlessly pay for their travel booking. The systems allow secured transactions as well.

Reports & Analysis:
Deriving reports from travel booking tool is easy, as the data provides a clear picture of your company’s travel. It also provides an opportunity to measure the travel spend on various metrices and create better travel programs for your employees.

At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we have been managing our smart Corporate Travel Booking System over the years and our customers are reaping benefits through easy booking and effortless travel. With round the clock efforts from our experienced travel experts, we are offering top travel services to our customers.

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Our documentation team of experienced travel experts will guide you through all the essential documents along with entry and exit rules of various countries across the world. 

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In case of emergency situations you will never feel left out as our 24X7 travel support will guide you through and provide you required support in your place of travel.

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