A Travel Management Company (TMC) is an expert of designing business travel programs in crisis situations and beyond. It is always wise to consult such an expert who understands the industry well and finds you better solutions at the hour of need. Following are top 7 reasons that you need to hire a TMC.

Your problem-their solution:
A last minute flight reservation or an urgent hotel booking or a sudden trip in emergency situation often invites complications that are well enough to perturb your peace of mind. Leave it to your travel expert, they will handle with care and come back with
proper and useful solutions.

Duty Of Care:
A value added feature that will enable you with early warnings through information and communication systems, global monitoring, travel tracking, integrated travel risk management solutions, country and city information database. Your TMC will constantly update you on this.

Travel Insurance:
One of the most essential service especially when you are travelling overseas. Your TMC will come up with the best insurance plan and guide you through the topics covered in it so that you remain stress free during your travel.

Disaster Recovery Plan: In times of similar crisis like COVID-19, your TMC will be able to provide you all the information and serve you seamlessly even by working remotely. In such case you need to choose a strong TMC who can provide services in any situation.

Market Information Update:
Your TMC will keep you posted on accurate and collated information on components like disruptions, delays, cancellations, refunds, etc from various travel suppliers and will also ensure your safety in order to take better decisions on your travel.

Business Intelligence Report:
In such a crisis situation your TMC will be able to generate strong MIS reports based on which you can derive your travel patterns, spends, etc. and take better decisions on your future travel.

Essential Documentation:
A good TMC has a better understanding of documentation, application regulations and entry requirements when it comes to your Visa / Passport issuance. You have to just supply the documents as required, rest your TMC will take care.

In this unprecedented time, an expert TMC will guide you throughout your travel and will deliver personalized services especially when you need them most. All you need is to take the opportunity and make a right decision.


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