Top 7 Benefits of Travel Account Management Program

In this fast-moving world, as a traveller, all you need is peace of mind and get organized that keeps you stress free throughout your journey. An efficient travel account management program will deliver exactly what a business traveller needs to have. With easy bookings, end to end planning and updated information at the fingertips you will feel secured and protected at every phase of your travel. From pre-planning phase to post completion of your travel your travel account management program will remain active feeding you all the necessary information. The benefits of travel account management program are multifarious as discussed by the travel experts of Lufthansa City Center Travels and Rentals. They are -

Easy travel booking:

With a huge list of suppliers spread across domestic as well as international destinations your travel booking will unfold a variety of options thereby offering you freedom in booking of your travel. From flight bookings, hotel reservations to car rentals, the booking will be done in few clicks and with fast communication with the suppliers. In case of VIP travel services you will also enjoy the luxury of airport lounges, pick and drop services, seat preferences in flights, chauffeur driven cars and preferred hotels in your favourite destinations.

Travel documentation:

One of the important aspects of travel management program is documentation. From visa application to issuance of passport and renewals, the entire job will be taken care by the documentation experts of the travel management company. You can easily avoid the long queues and unnecessary hassles that a traveller faces while applying for the travel documents. With expert management, the documents will be taken care of and handed over to the traveler after necessary proceedings. Another important document is travel insurance which keeps the traveller protected in all adverse situations.

Top 7 benefits of travel account management program

Duty of Care:

This aspect is of paramount importance when it comes to business travel. It is very essential to include Duty of Care in travel management program as it ensures protection of the business travellers. With early warnings through information systems about unprecedented situation in the destination of travel like political unrest, extreme climatic conditions, changes in travel advisories, pandemic outbreak or any sort of disasters, safeguards the traveller in advance facilitating in making better decisions. By receiving timely updates and alerts you have the provision of adjusting your travel plans at the last moment. 


Cost savings:

With a huge pool of suppliers, you have the option of negotiation to get the best fares available in your desired routes of travel. It not only happens in case of air fares but also equally applicable to hotel accommodations and car rentals. Through an efficient travel account management program, a business traveller can have ample opportunity to manage expenses and save cost in the process. The cost saving process depends on factors viz. time, route and booking class.

Data Security:

Once you enroll with a travel account management program you can be rest assured that your data will be safe and secured with the travel management company. Your personal details, crucial data of your passport and visa along with other travel documents will be secured and will remain private. Robust security protocols will be implemented including check-in procedures, confidential handling of personal and corporate data and much more.

MIS reporting:

MIS reporting is one of the essential components of travel account management program. You can easily get access to all the travel data of your employees who have travelled to various destinations. Furthermore, it gives a chance to save lot of cost, generate information on the frequent routes taken, number of flights booked, category of the hotels reserved and details on ground transportation like car bookings. MIS reporting helps to build travel policies and offers scrutiny on whether the compliance has been met. With accurate MIS reports the senior management can prepare budget for upcoming travels and also the travels of employees.


Better Travel Experience:

The true essence of the travel account management program is to offer better travel experience by optimizing the travel program with latest technology and superior services. With a 24/7 emergency travel service the experience is enhanced multiple times as the traveler gets timely information on adverse situations in destinations, top assistance in case of misplacements of travel documents or any other travel disruptions. Offering better travel experience is not just facilitating transport from one destination to another but taking care of all travel requirements including booking, documentation assistance and emergency services.

An expert travel management company understands the travel business, knows their business travellers due to their immense hands-on experience in industry and hence offers travel account management programs which turn out to be effective for business travellers. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals our travel account management program ticks all the points above that includes – smooth travel booking, managing travel documents, offering duty of care tools, saving cost, securing vital data, generate MIS reports and offering better travel experience.

If you wish to know our business travel program in details, connect with us and we will be happy to assist.