Business Intelligence

GDS data, non-GDS data, supplier data, credit card data, expense management data, accounting data, security management tool data and data, data, data....

Information is intelligence and in today's environment it is all about intelligence. Data is overloaded and most organisations face the challenge of getting meaningful information from the vast amounts of data they generate from various sources. Organisations require sophisticated reporting and business intelligence tools in order to make the most of available data.

We offer that all the data is centrally processed at our headquarters from where consolidated reports, based on your specific requirements, are being distributed. Our reporting solution empowers managers to generate summary reports providing a snapshot of overall spend. These consolidated views of the organisation's data can be an invaluable assistant in making more informed decisions when negotiating supplier contracts, establishing policy requirements, and identifying preferred providers.

Among numerous services few of our business intelligence team’s activities are...

• Business Intelligence Strategy
• Data Management
• Dashboard Strategy
• Human Resource Data Integration
• 3rd Party Data Integration