Hopes are rising high in travel as Covid cases across India have taken a dip even after the sudden surge of new variant that temporarily terrified the travel fraternity. With vaccinations taking the charge of reducing chances of further infections and strict travel guidelines & restrictions across travel industry keeping travel safe and secured, corporate and leisure travel segments are gearing up for a soar in the coming months of 2022.

One of the internationally acclaimed management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has revealed in their report that there is a high possibility of resumption of corporate travel this year as business trips are still significant for most of the companies. Also, a reasonable percentage of corporate travel have consistently resumed their travel as and when the restrictions have eased. And this will continue for those companies for whom travel is deemed essential for conducting business.

The report also indicated that small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are likely to increase corporate travel at a higher rate as they are faced with intense competition and will try to gain an edge post the ease of restrictions. A GBTA survey confirms that 50% of the participants are either developing or planning to develop SOPs regarding future travel and change in travel policies.

Management of various top hotel chains are experiencing a scenario where they are getting massive domestic travel bookings in India as international flights are still on restrictions which has impacted on domestic tourism positively. The corporate travel is active as meetings have already begun. Travel experts are speculating that domestic travel will continue to flourish in 2022 as more and more domestic conferences are going to take place in India. There will be an increase in meetings, events and business travel. And why not! India hosts one of the finest convention centers in most of the states making the nation a Top MICE destination for the corporate (click the report).

Interestingly, with the rise of the new working model, people are experimenting with their work settings by traveling to new locations and opting for workations to alleviate the style of working. Airlines are not exceptions in this case. Many of the domestic flights are offering staggering discounts on their air tickets specially for the holiday season and one time waiver of change of tickets and date. Experts are predicting that the domestic bound flights will continue doing well as the figures of 2022 are already looking promising than that of 2021.

Taken together, corporate travel is likely to rise in coming times as reports have said that there is a demand already for both domestic and international destinations. Companies are ready with their revised travel policies or developing them to make it stronger and safer for their employees. One will always agree that in-person meetings yield a better output than virtual ones.

Personal meetings are information rich reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals
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