Latest Flight Updates

Face Masks No Longer Mandatory
A recent announcement from the Ministry of Civil Aviation has revealed that the face masks are not compulsory anymore within the flights in view of the effective management of Covid-19 worldwide. However passengers should prefer to use them in order to keep the graph rate declining.

Unlimited Flights Between India & Canada
More options of air travel between India & Canada have opened up due to the recent announcements by Mississauga Minister Of Transport. Earlier the number of flights were limited to 35 per week per country, but now unlimited additions of flights between the two nations will definitely spur business growth and travel.

Last Chance FIFA World Cup Package

This could be the last chance for the FIFA World Cup fans to witness the history by supporting their favourite teams on field. Our new leisure supplier TripnStay is offering hotels, logistic support and packages (excluding match tickets) in UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia during the FIFA World Cup period. The bookings are valid till 15th December 2022. So hurry up and book your trip today!

Tripnstay is a great platform providing an easy interface that aggregates and distributes information of hotels, leisure packages, sightseeings and transfers enabling global B2B enterprises to avail better services through LCC members.

First name & Surname in passport mandatory for UAE bound travellers

According to recent circular by UAE government's circular,  travellers with single name will not be allowed to enter the Emirates. Indian citizens travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are required to use both their primary (first name) and secondary (surname) names on their passport in order to be allowed entry to the Gulf nation. However, passengers with a single name on passports and in possession of a residence permit or employment visa shall be allowed to travel. UAE travellers must ensure that their passports contain both their names.

M.I.C.E Travel Management Program

M.I.C.E travel has already started globally with borders now opened everywhere. Large Corporate to SMEs are now re-exploring destinations worldwide to make better business deals and penetrate international markets. Lufthansa City Center Travels and Rentals brings you an efficient MICE Travel Management Program that enables you to avail better business travel services through prompt information of the destinations.

Our MICE Travel is divided into two segments - Incentive Tours & Trade Fairs. We have a large pool of venues all over the globe combined with a strong base of suppliers in airlines, hotels and cars to get best deals for your MICE travel. 

New Routes & Direct Flights

Mumbai - Muscat
from 12th Dec'22


Delhi - Vienna
from 18 Feb'23
Delhi - Copenhagen
from 01 Mar'23. 
Delhi - Milan
from 01 Feb'23. 

Kolkata - Itanagar
Mumbai - Itanagar via Kolkata
from 28 Nov'22


Dibrugarh - Hollong
Hollong  - Ziro
from 29th Nov'22
Imphal - Silchar
from 25th Nov'22

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