Documents needed to fly internationally
Documents needed to fly internationally

The documents needed to fly internationally are the most essential stuffs that are required to be sorted out at the first place. The documents will vary from country to country and the traveler needs to be absolutely sure of the number and kinds of documents required at the entry point of the destination country. 

Since the documents needed to fly internationally are constantly changing, hence one must consult with an experienced travel management company for updated information. In this article we will highlight on few mandatory documents that are presently required for international travel.

1.  Health Documents

A considerable decline is noticed across international destinations resulting to ease of travel documents in most of the countries worldwide. However few countries would still require documents like RT-PCR negative test report, vaccination certificates etc. These health documents will vary from country to country, and it is wise to note down all the points and have them ready for travel.

2. Passport & Travel Visa

Passport and Visa are two of the most common travel documents that you will need for international travel. If you don't have a passport, then apply for one or check the validity of your existing one. Visa issuance often takes time as you need to surpass several steps before getting it. So it is advised to plan for your visa well in advance and check for the updated guidelines of your destination country at the same time. Needless to mention that passport & visa are must in any case.

3. Travel insurance

Travel insurance with international coverage is one of the essential factors to travel now. Several countries are mandating the same as a compulsory document before providing a green signal.

4. Travel Documents

With the entry and exit requirements changing from time to time the travel documents will vary for different countries now. Before booking your flight and destination, you must stay informed about the entry forms, exit forms, transit forms along with other necessary documents to travel abroad.

5. Baggage restrictions

Although this doesn't fall under travel document but still an essential that you need to cover. It is advisable to check the standard allowance by the airlines before boarding. These days, airlines are also encouraging web-check ins for contactless travel.

As already mentioned above, that, it is better to take assistance from a travel expert because there can be many little things which you might miss out. That's where an experienced travel management company plays a vital role. Our travel experts will provide you prompt information on necessary documents to travel abroad from our 24 X 7 help desk and also keep you updated on your travel. Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals have been constantly monitoring the changing travel policies of all the countries, collecting updated information and uploading them in our website. For updated information or you may connect with us @ +91 33 4000 0777 / +91 98368 37372

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