As a specialized corporate travel management company, Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals highlights the key advantages of incentive travel and effect that it has on an organization. Incentive travel is a powerful tool that enhances employee motivation across significant function levels and facilitates in achieving business objectives. This is a recognition and acknowledgement offered to the employees who meet or exceed their performance goals. It typically involves a travel package that includes accommodation, transportation, and fun activities in an exotic location. In most of the cases these travels are combined with business purposes making it a productive Bleisure travel. The key advantages of incentive travel are cited below.

  1. Improved Employee Motivation

One of the key advantages of incentive travel is employee motivation that any organization would like to achieve for better retention. On the other hand, employees would also set their targets high in order to achieve the reward which the company is happy to arrange an all-expense-paid trip to a fantastic destination. Evidently, this has always led to increased productivity, better performance, and a positive work environment.


  1. Better Employee Retention

Employee retention is directly proportional to employee satisfaction, better work culture and acknowledgement of sincere efforts. And incentive travel plays a big role into it. If employees feel recognized and appreciated, they are more likely to extend their stays with their present organization leading to more engagement and better experience in solving complicated tasks. Moreover, it creates a sense of loyalty and commitment to the company, eventually which makes a strong team to work with.


  1. Stronger Team Building

An incentive travel can also be an excellent tool for team building. Employees traveling together and experiencing new things, automatically connect with each other creating lot of opportunities for bonding and professional relations. This leads to better communication, improved teamwork, and a more cohesive work environment.


  1. Increased Sales and Revenue

Acknowledgement has a direct impact on better sales and earnings of revenue. Incentive travel not only motivates employees but increases business opportunities when blended with business travel. New client acquisition, retention of client relations and acquiring new business from existing customers can all be part of incentive travel. In a way, the organization saves cost and time and gains more advantages from an incentive travel.


  1. Better Brand Reputation

Good company policy is one of the pillars of strong brand image. Employees who have enjoyed incentive travel, will talk more about the company in professional and social circles creating a better brand reputation.  This is also equally impactful for potential recruits who will intend to join the company and striving to gain a chance.


  1. Better Employee Health and Wellness

Good travel creates good mood which in turn results in better health and mental conditions. A change in daily routine, an exciting experience and engagement in new activities release lot of stress and makes people refreshing. Incentive travel has all the capabilities to make a positive impact on employee health and wellness. When employees are rewarded with a trip, they have the opportunity to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. This leads to increased productivity, and better performance.


  1. Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Incentive travel unleashes creativity and innovation as well. Employees traveling to new locations and experiencing different cultures, can be exposed to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking. They get opportunities to learn from new experiences and implement the same in their own organization culture or work patterns. It brings a new development to the organization and new learning for others.

In conclusion, the key advantages of incentive travel are more than you expect because it has a huge impact on a business's bottom line. By offering employees the opportunity to travel, businesses can achieve a holistic growth for their employees. This is a proven approach and one can experience a considerable development in the interest and efficiency level of the employees. If you are considering India for M.I.C.E Travel then you can check the best of the stays where M.I.C.E can be arranged.

AT Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals we have a team of experts who is successfully handling M.I.C.E travel since decades. Be it international or domestic destinations, we have a strong supplier base for airlines, hotels and ground transport from which we can extract best of the deals for you.

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