Why travel support is required in business tours

Travel support has been an integral part of Business Tours since years, especially in post pandemic period, it has been a mandate for many corporate and enterprises. A business traveller always looks for two things in a travel - safety and comfort. These elements are extremely essential as they keep a business traveller safe and stress free throughout the travel. And that’s where the role of a travel management company (TMC) becomes very important. Because an experienced TMC will provide the best travel support and as they understand the needs of a business traveller.

In this article, we will discuss why travel support is required in Business Tours.

Delayed / Cancelled Flights

One of the most common reasons of travel disruption is delayed flights and cancelled flights. For a business traveller, these flight issues can be majorly frustrating as one will not be able to reach on time for an important business meeting or conference. In such cases travel support will be immensely handy as a TMC will offer you options for alternate routes or flights so that the tour does not get hampered on such similar occasions. An expert TMC possess a huge inventory of flight tickets that facilitate to alter travel plans in no time.

Emergency support

Loss of travel documents or theft of travel essentials can cause a major setback on business travel. In such cases, a business traveller will need an emergency support for seamless travel. Apart from issues with travel documents, a traveller may also face the problem of unprecedented events in a destination or a sudden weather change that can disrupt a travel. Expert travel management companies will offer 24/7 emergency services which will help travellers with immediate guidance to counter the situation and overcome.

Accommodation Issues

It may often occur that a business traveller may not be comfortable with a hotel or stay due to issues of food, comfort or unsatisfactory services. A travel support will connect with the hotel customer service and rectify the situation by providing better service or find an alternate stay if required. There are situations when business travellers prefer a certain hotel or room they find comfortable. Hence it is one of the primary responsibilities of a TMC to take care of the business traveller’s comfort and book the hotel in advance.


A reputed TMC will offer a bouquet of travel services that include travel documentation too. From assistance in visa, passport application and renewal to issuance of travel insurance, a TMC makes the lives of business traveller easy. With travel guidelines changing for various countries from time to time, visa process can get more complicated and time taking. Hence, it is not possible for a business traveller to keep a track of every destination. The TMC who has a vivid experience in international destinations and supremely updated with latest travel guidelines can provide essential information to business travellers for better decision making. It is wise to take assistance of an experienced TMC for all travel related documents.

Top 5 reasons of availing Travel Support

Top 5 reasons of availing travel support reported by Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals

Reporting & Analytics

A travel report stretches on detailed information on air tickets, hotel bookings and other travel data that offers a comprehensive insight on travel pattern. This facilitates control on booking procedures and more importantly cost savings. With good analytics a business enterprise can monitor on travel spend and make informed decisions on future bookings. An expert TMC can prepare customized reports and present the exact data a business traveller may look for. It also helps corporates to create better travel policies for their travellers.

In present scenario we are experiencing rapid changes in travel when it comes to travel guidelines, booking and documentation processes. All that a business traveller need is prompt travel support which starts much before travelling. From the phase of travel planning to the phase of travel completion the entire logistics needs to be smooth and hassle free. And a good travel support from an experienced travel management company makes it easier for travellers.

At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, our Business Travel vertical comprises of all the sections that are discussed above. From travel planning, account management, documentation to VIP services and emergency services, our travel experts have covered them all for you. With more than 35 years of experience in domestic and international travel destinations we stand as one of the best travel management companies in India. Check here for details – Business Travel.

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