Escorted Tours


One of the best forms of packaged tours meant especially for international travel are Escorted Tours. The escorted tours offer various benefits to the travellers who do not wish to take the pain of all travel bookings and related requirements. With the right guide and shared knowledge, you will be able to learn much more than you could do in a self-guided tour. In this article we will discuss the key features of escorted tour and the various advantages that it brings to the table.

What is an Escorted Tour?
Let us understand the meaning of escorted tour and get a compete clarity before we move ahead. An escorted tour is a mode of tourism where a group is formed with travellers intend to travel on set of destinations with the assistance of a guide.

In simple language, Escorted Tours are guided group tours that follows non deviated travel path with almost no change in itinerary.

Key Advantages of Escorted Tour

An escorted tour has certain advantages that make them distinguished from self-guided tours. Since they are managed by expert travel management companies, the escorted tours come with handful of benefits for the travellers. At Lufthansa City Center Travels & Rentals, we manage few categories of escorted tours which will talk about in the later half of this write up.  Following are the key advantages.

Well planned itinerary
An escorted tour has a well-planned itinerary that diminishes the hassle of travelling. The major selling point of escorted tour is that, as a traveller, you do not have to worry about flight booking, hotels, ground transport and other activities. From arrival to departure all are taken care by the travel management company for you.

Perfect for large countries
An expert tour management company knows how to manage itineraries of countries. Hence you can be rest assured that you would be travelling to the best destinations where you can spend time and enjoy the most. You do not need to research and waste your time on that, especially when there could be a language barrier, change of food dishes and change of culture.

Expert escorted tour guide
Your experience on escorted tours depends heavily on the expertise of the guide provided. An escorted tour guide will unveil a whole bunch of information on the destination that can be rich with historical instances and even geographical significances. With solo tours it is difficult to gather all the information that can make your journey extremely interesting and information rich. With few of the tour management companies you can also experience educational sessions, unconventional expeditions and much more.

Discover our best Escorted Tours

Our escorted tours are strategically planned that cover international destinations offering experiences that go beyond ordinary vacation. We have a perfect blend of every category of holidays, following are the two major categories we cater to.

  • Premium Holidays
  • Affordable Touring

With Premium Holidays you will explore escorted tours in Europe, South & Central America, USA, Canada, China & Japan, Africa, South Pacific, Israel and Jordan. Apart from that you will experience undiscovered tours in off beat paths, private tours and choice touring. With affordable touring, you can discover Asia, Europe, Canada, South & Central America, Australia and religious vacations.

Premium Holidays
Go beyond the ordinary vacation
Affordable Touring
Turning travel dreams into reality

FAQs on Escorted Tour Package

What is an escorted group tour?

An escorted group tour is a travel package which is accompanied by an expert professional guide dedicated for a group of travellers throughout the itinerary. The major objective of the escorted tour package is to offer assistance, information, and knowledge to the travellers to make the journey more interesting. These tours often include planned activities, accommodations, and transportation.

What are the benefits of a guided tour?

The benefits of a guided tour are many. They include the convenience of having logistics handled, access to expert knowledge and the opportunity to socialize with like-minded travelers. Guided tours often offer a structured and efficient way to explore destinations that has a historical and geographical or architectural significance with curated experiences.

How do you distinguish between escorted tours and guided tours?

Distinguishing between escorted and guided tours lies in the level of support. Guided tours involve a knowledgeable guide who shares lot of information on the destination to the travellers. While escorted tours typically include additional support staff who keep a diligent eye on travellers’ comfort and convenience ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Is an escorted tour safe?

Escorted tours conducted by reputed and experienced travel management companies are safe as the prior focus would be travellers’ safety and comfort. Especially in cases of international tours, it is better to take an assistance of escorted tour. However, travelers should always exercise personal caution and follow recommended guidelines.

Why choose the LCC escorted tour?

Lufthansa City Center escorted tours are tied up with globally recognized travel brands Globus and Cosmos. These escorted tours offer travel packages across the world’s most captivating places, experienced guides and a perfectly planned itinerary, making it a reliable option for those seeking affordability without compromising quality.

Which is the best international tour?

There are innumerable international destinations and supporting travel packages across the world. Best international tour entirely depends on your choices of destinations. It would also depend on you travel budget, travel style, choices of accommodations and much more. You can discuss with our travel experts for better insights and guidance.

What are the most affordable European countries to visit?

The most affordable European countries to visit often include Eastern European destinations such as Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. These countries offer a blend of rich history, cultural experiences, and affordability, making them attractive options for budget-conscious travellers.