Getting back to business travel for face-to-face meetings

Business travel in India is slowly catching up pace with the opening of inter State borders and relaxations of travel restrictions countrywide. While international travel is all set to announce the date of start, it is better to plan ahead for your business meetings in both domestic and abroad destinations as face-to-face meetings certainly make better impact than virtual consultations.

A recent report by Forbes reveals that in-person persuasiveness is 34 times more effective as compared to other forms of meetings. A face-to-face event facilitates interactions so that attendees can have a favourable business outcome, many companies
are getting back to these engagements to achieve that result.

In the same report an example is cited of a large company that planned to host a corporate event with over 30,000 attendees, decided to transform the event virtual. Although the virtual event witnessed three times the registrants of its traditional event, but surveys indicated a much lower satisfaction rate among the attendees.

Face-to-face meetings have always encouraged in building trust and professional intimacy, as these events are information rich and provides enormous scope of developing relationships that have a direct impact on business. Moreover, the engagement rate is high since you have ample chances to get distracted in virtual conversations and you may also experience serious network issues. A report shows that the attendees who are not physically present at the event, only pay attention about 23% of the time, significantly impeding effectiveness.

Therefore, business travel for physical meetings will never loose its significance in the given scenario. Technology may improve our ability to meet on different platforms but can never replace the non-verbal vibes we get in a physical interaction which triggers the strategic moves for the next phase. With air travel, hotel stay and car travel getting safer and inexpensive day by day, it is not far when we will see the full house seminars and conferences again.

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