Academy Course Structure

Name of the course : 7 weeks Junior Travel Consultant Course

Objective of the course:

Empower young aspirants who wish to shape their career in Travel Industry through online training combined with a period of practical on-job training. A short and power packed course from top industry professionals working in a leading Travel Management Company of international brand repute. On successful completion of the course, you will be prepared for the industry and expected upswing in the future travel business. 

Benefits of the course:
  1. Learn and work in a live travel management organisation, get 100% practical training from our in-house team of professionals who are highly experienced and possess in-depth practical knowledge of the industry.
  2. Get exposure to the advanced tools and technology of the travel industry, so that you can acquire the right skill set with flexibility to adapt to organisation’s needs.
  3. Join our Company as an intern, handle live transactions, and gain invaluable experience on industry practices and developments.
  4. Gain trade insights on client servicing and communication skills from experienced professionals who interact with customers daily.
Why do the course now :

Joining the Junior Travel Consultant Education Program would be a great decision as the travel industry foresees huge pent up demand coming right after the CoVid Crisis. This will result in opening of manifold opportunities since country borders are also opening up for both domestic and international sectors. Travel is considered a necessity in our era, people can only postpone it for a temporary period, the industry will experience a massive growth and quite evidently travel professionals will be in high demand. Investing your time in a career path leading to this industry would be a wise career choice.

Course details:
Part 1 :
  1. Introduction of a Travel Management Company, its functions and benefits.
  2. External and Internal influences in the Industry
  3. Segments within Travel Management
  4. Major services and products offered.
Part 2 :
  1. Introduction to Geography and Itinerary planning
  2. Commonly used terms, codes and abbreviations
  3. Essential Global Distribution System (GDS) operations (Air)
    • Displaying general information in the GDS
    • Displaying airline availability, schedules and timetable
    • Book, waitlist and cancel airline reservations
    • Constructing a Passenger Name Record (PNR)
    • Retrieve and modify a PNR
    • Requesting a fare display with rules of changes / cancellations
    • Building offers / quotations and negotiations with customers
    • Pricing a PNR itinerary
    • Chargeable / Free Ancillary services
    • Ticket issuance
  4. Essential non- GDS operations (Air)
    • Check availability
    • Different types of fares with rules of changes / cancellations
    • Chargeable / Free Ancillary services
    • Ticket issuance
Part 3 :
Passports :
  1. Types of passports and other Identities
  2. Documentation process for New / Renew Passport Application
  1. National and International entry authorisation documents
  2. Types of visas
  3. General visa application process – preparation and evaluation
  1. Effective customer interactions
  2. Efficient communication - telephone, face to face and virtual
Part 4 :

On-the-Job Training

Eligibility criteria: 

Minimum 12th standard, understands English, preferably good knowledge of Geography

Duration of the course:

7 weeks, 21 Days

Training Period:

5th January 2021 till 17th February 2021

Course Fee:

INR 14900/-


On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate along with a letter of on-the-job training undergone at Lufthansa City Center Travels and Rentals.

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