India Prepares to Shine in 2024: Latest Predictions 

In mid 2022, ET predicted that India could attract 13.34 million inbound tourists in 2024. No wonder India has all the resources to make it true.! A latest report by Business Standard has revealed that 7.2 million foreign tourists had arrived in India till October. Following are the burning factors that India could see a steep rise in incoming footfalls in 2024. 

  • FDI likely to rise in 2024 as India remains preferred destination for investment
  • New destinations are being developed rapidly to offer better to the visitors
  • New air routes are coming up under regional air connectivity scheme
  • Renowned hotel chains are planning to open more properties with increased number of rooms to offer.
  • Lakshadweep to emerge as one of the prominent tourist destination of India with interest of Indian people rising for the remarkable islands.
  • Ayodhya could be the next super pilgrimage spot for domestic and incoming tourists both
  • India promoting sustainable tourism as the nation is home to picturesque valleys, snow capped mountains, lush forests, vast oceans, adventure & safaris and ample opportunity for eco tourism in rural India and beyond.Explore LIFE named INDIA
Ram Mandir

The Ram Mandir Inauguration: Countries Celebrate

On a grand event on 22nd January'24 in Ayodhya-Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated the new cynosure of India - Ram Mandir which now has become one of the significant pilgrimage destination of the country. Built on a raised platform with 3 storeys, the Holy Temple covers an area of 10 acres, while the remaining 57 acres of land has been developed into a Prayer Hall, a Lecture Hall, an Educational facility, a Museum and cafeteria. According to sources, the site has a capability to handle 70,000 visitors.

The historic moment of inauguration gave an opportunity to the devotees worldwide to celebrate the occasion with utmost joy and enthusiasm. Paris, United States, Taiwan, New York, Mauritius celebrated with various activities like procession, live streaming, illuminating Diyas in their temples, large scale car rally and many more. If you wish to witness the grandeur of Ram Mandir, make a tour plan with us and pack your bags.

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train & flight together in a frame

Trains and Flights announced for Ayodhya


According to recent report, Indian Railways has decided to introduce 200 special trains to Ayodhya from 22nd January 2024. These train will be operational from Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities for 100 days. The anticipated routes from the states are Maharashtra, Telengana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Delhi. Apart from Railways, few prominent airlines have also announced their direct flights to Ayodhya.

way through snow

Offbeat Sinthan turns to haven for tourists

Amidst the dry spells in Kashmir, tourists are crowding towards a lesser known destination named Sinthan. Located at an height of 12500 ft, Sinthan experiences heavy snowfall appealing to tourists seeking an authentic white carpet of snow. Against the backdrop of Majestic Himalayas the snow covered landscapes of Sinthan creates an untouched destination of Kashmir. The peak connects Anantnag in south Kashmir to Kishtwar in Jammu through Kokernag.

Taj Mahotsav


Taj Mahotsav 2024: Grand Festival of Art & Culture

The grand 10 day festival of Agra starts from 17 February this year and will continue till 27th February. The City of Love will represent a perfect blend of art, craft, culture, cuisine, drama and music for 10 days. This is a much awaited event that introduces a vibrant platform of finest Indian art and cultural extravaganza. 

Taj Mahotsav is a canvas where various renowned artists have performed in the past and more to come this year as well. Besides art, the Mahotsav offers unique cuisine of Uttar Pradesh that boasts from Mughlai Gharana of Lucknow to lip smacking dishes of South India. This event is visited by lakhs of art lovers from domestic and foreign circuits making it a grand festival. If you wish to experience the spectacle, now is the time to book your tour.Explore our Agra itineraries