Our Andaman Family Tours offer interesting itineraries that will take you through the breathtaking archipelago of the Andaman Islands that is widely known for their pristine beaches, adventure, solace and plenty of marine life. Nestled in the great Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Islands have become a popular destination for travelers who are seeking a dive into nature's paradise. With the beautiful seascapes and rich biodiversity, our Andaman Family Tours offer lifetime experiences for the visitors to create unforgettable memories through Havelock Island, Ross Island, Baratang Island, Limestone caves, North Bay and more.

Havelock Island: Havelock Island now known as Swaraj Dweep, one of the largest islands of the east of Andamans. The turquoise ocean bed with white sandy beaches on one side and dense forest on the other, Havelock offers incredible laid-back vibe to the visiting tourists. From luxury villas to bamboo cottages Havelock is a paradise on earth for the nature enthusiasts.

Ross Island: Ross Island, now known as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep is famous for its British history when it was occupied by the invaders in 1782. You will find ruins of the old establishments, an old church, manmade caves all together create a unique experience that you will not find anywhere in Andamans. On your journey, you will also find a wildlife sanctuary filled with deer, peacocks and other wildlife in abundance under the shades of tall and large tropical trees that create a unique ambiance.

Baratang Island: This is a destination located towards the North & Middle of Andaman district tailor made for the nature lovers, photographers and all those travellers who seek a tranquil place to relax. This island is home to one of the oldest and famous tribe of human races – the “Jarawa” who are settled here far from the modern civilization unperturbed. Some of the top sites that you must visit in Baratang Island are Mangrove creeks, Active Mud Volcanoes, Limestone Caves, Parrot Island, Lalaji Bay Beach, Baludera Beach, Guitar Island, Strait Island and much more to discover. In short Baratang Island is a perfect for the honeymoon couples to spend time.

Radhanagar Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches of India, Radhanagar beach has also secured a place in the list of Top 10 Best Beaches of the World. Radhanagar beach offers miles of untouched coastline where visitors can indulge in leisurely strolls, sunbathing and swimming in the warm waters. The beach is located on the western coast of Swaraj Dweep with white silky sands stretched across the lush greeneries around and blue waters in front make a heavenly view for the visitors.

Neil Island & North Bay Island: Neil Island and North Bay Island offer fantastic diving opportunities as you will discover vibrant aquatic lives and a whole new world underwater. Both the island are home to beautiful coral reefs and an array of exotic fish species that will make your journey more than successful. You can enjoy lot of water sports viz. scuba diving, sea walking, parasailing, coral safari and snorkeling.

Port Blair: The capital of Andaman & Nicober islands, Port Blair is a popular tourist destination surrounded by rugged coastline and tropical forest. It is a clean city widely visited by tourists around the world for its infamous Cellular Jail National Memorial that was a prison for freedom fighters of India. Today this jail serves as a museum and a visiting spot for the tourists. Port Blair has several beautiful beaches that offer many adventure activities with many sightseeing spots to experience.

Our Andaman Family Tours offer a good range of accommodation options for every traveller. From luxury resorts on the seaside to cozy beachside cottages, you will find an array of beautiful stays in the islands. You will also get to discover delicious seafood delicacies that showcase the region's culinary specialties, including fresh catch of the day prepared with local spices and flavors.

Andaman & Nicober being tropical climate islands, it is advised that you plan your Andaman tour with a professional and experienced tour company and make the most of your journey in favourable weather conditions. It is important that you get clear skies and calm waters for outdoor activities in your tour.

Our Andaman Family Tours provide an opportunity to escape from the hustles of city life and immerse in the natural beauty of the Andaman Islands. With stunning beaches, captivating wildlife, thrilling water sports, and a rich history, these tours offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you seek solace in nature's lap or crave for thrilling experiences, our Andaman Family Tours promise an unforgettable journey in a paradise.

Andaman Holiday Package 5 Days
Andaman Honeymoon Trip 6 Days
Andaman Family Package Tour 8 Days
Havelock Holiday Package 4 Days

FAQs on Andaman Tour

How many days are enough for Andaman?

There can be multiple packages for Andaman tour. Tours can be customized too, based on your requirements. For example, you can avail for a Family getaway, Honeymoon tour or a Short trip according to your travel purpose. Therefore, Andaman tour can range from 4 days to 8 days.

How should I plan my Andaman trip?

Planning Andaman Tour requires a detailed understanding of the geographic location and historical significance of the destination. With a rich and diverse landscape and tremendous historical relevance, Andaman is one of the finest destinations that India has. Port Blair, Havelock Island, Elephant Beach, Neil Island, Ross Island, Limestones Caves are few of the iconic destinations of Andaman. We have a fantastic range of Andaman itineraries above for you to explore.

Which time is best to visit Andaman?

Between October and May is the best time to visit Andaman as the climate stays pleasant and perfect for sightseeing, water sports and beach excursion.

Is a passport required for Andaman?

Indian citizens do not require passport to visit Andaman. For foreign nationals please connect with our travel experts

Is Andaman better than Bali?

Andaman and Bali are both known for their pristine beaches and beautiful sea life. While Andaman offers limestone formations, mud volcanoes, coral reefs and turquoise water, Bali offers breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls and a bunch of adventure activities. Based on your travel purpose you need to decide a destination and if it becomes difficult to choose, connect with for further consultation.

What is special about Havelock Island?

Havelock Island is extremely popular for its pristine wide beaches, stunning landscape and vibrant coral reefs. Adventure activities are the interesting part of Havelock as you take a tour with snorkeling, kayaking and much more.