In today’s constantly evolving scenario, travel policies are rapidly changing, guidelines and updates are pouring in from Government departments and authorized institutions. For the business or leisure traveller, it is now more a need than choice to have access to 24X7 travel service experts who are up to date with all the travel information. Whether you are stuck at a destination, need real time information or wish to get immediate reservations, prompt services from your Travel Management Company will help in increasing productivity & reducing stress.

Corporate houses should look at employing global standard service partners who will offer 24X7 travel service that blends technology with superior customer support.  

What is 24X7 travel service?

A travel service that offers a dedicated team of travel consultants working round the clock with a robust DR plan and available to the travellers across all time zones. With English being the main language of communication, the service includes competitive point-of-sale, point-of-origin pricing, transparency, quick adaptability to travel policy changes, centralized key account management and local tax compliant invoicing amongst other tailor made benefits.

Why 24X7 travel service is important? 

In this unpredictable time, it is extremely essential that you augment value to your business travel by making it more secured, risk free and updated with latest information under the able guidance of a travel expert.

Moreover, the domestics travel industry is seeing a robust revival in India, and almost all the foreign destinations have opened up to embrace tourism. It is now high time for the  organizations to be prepared for upcoming business travel with complete and accurate information on travel safety and risks. Constant communication with the traveller and round the clock travel support enhances the travel experience and minimizes travel risks. While you stay updated with the above, it will be easier for you to make confident decisions in a constantly changing business travel environment.

It is necessary to ensure that your TMC offers certain mandatory services & that the agreement covers minimum points of standard.

Key insights on our 24X7 travel support

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